Day: February 11, 2019

663. Sunday 10th February 2019. Donnis arrives home, beach walks and beach weddings, skin cancer surgery, a runaway car, Australian Outback Spectacular and a home robbery…

Monday 4th February

While waiting for Donnis flight yesterday I was at North Kirra Beach. There is a rather large monument to a ship, “COOLANGATTA” which sank here in 1846.

030219 plaque1
“COOLANGATTA:” Memorial.

Eventually the nearby town was named Coolangatta. Details are in the photo.

030219 plaque
Plaque commemorating the loss of the ship “COOLANGATTA”.

A small beach carnival was also in progress and a festive atmosphere prevailed.

030219 carnival
Mini surf carnival at North Kirra Beach with Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise in the background.

Today was a mirror image of yesterday weather wise. Most of the day was spent hiding from the heat and late in the afternoon we drove to Main Beach ( I still call it Southport Beach) while Donnis got washed around in the surf I went for a walk. Imagine my surprise, well not really, when an Asian Wedding arrived on the beach all dressed in gowns, suits and heavy clothing. 040219 wedding1We often see weddings on the beach. Why not have wedding photos or even a ceremony here? It is a wonderful setting albeit a bit public.040219 wedding2

After taking a multitude of photos it was time to find Donnis who by now would be covered in wet sand and a giant smile on her face. She was and she did.

040219 wedding
Wedding party with invited guests and uninvited guests.

040219 wedding6040219 wedding5040219 wedding3040219 wedding4

Tuesday 5th February

Another day of 31° and an excuse to stay indoors although the AC was not required.

Wednesday 6th February

There was no Line Dancing today. Kay our dance co-ordinator is away and I had a Skin Doctor appointment.

First before I get to that I should mention an incident. I was at the PC messing with photos and Donnis was at the table when we heard a loud bang outside. WTF was that? Checking outside we found a car we have not seen before, wedged up in our garden without a driver. More WTF’s!!!

060219 crash
Runaway car.

We thought it may have come from the neighbour across the street and the car has rolled down the driveway and into the garden. 060219 crash2I checked the neighbour but no response. I called her. No answer. After another 10 minutes I tried again. This time a care worker answered the door. She had been showering our neighbour and not heard my calls or the phone. It was her car and the handbrake was off. Ooops! The car flattened a few plants that I wanted to get rid of anyway and narrowly missed hitting the house of our other neighbour. I now have an excuse to re-do the entire garden.060219 crash1

Last week I had a Skin Doctor checkup when he noticed something on my upper arm which said he did not like to look of. To me it looked like a little pimple but he took a biopsy punch and today was follow up. The lab report said the biopsy showed a superficial multifocal basal cell carcinoma.

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) of Skin is a malignant cancer affecting the skin. It is a slow-growing tumor generally observed in older individuals, in both men and women,,,Hmmm! I’m in this category.
  • This malignant carcinoma, which may be present as a lesion on the sun-exposed areas of the body, has the potential to metastasize (spread) to the lymph nodes… he found a little lesion which looked like a little pimple
  • Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma of Skin is one of the most common types of BCC that is usually present as an erythematous (red) patch on the skin of the chest and back
  • Some lesions may grow to large sizes and ulcerate. They can also infiltrate into the adjoining soft tissues and nerves. Larger lesions also have a greater tendency to recur after treatment…mine was on the upper arm.
  • The cause of Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma of Skin is unknown, but factors such as chronic sun exposure, smoking, and ionizing radiation, etc., are known to contribute towards its development. Also, fair-skinned Caucasians have a greater risk than dark-skinned Africans and Asians…ok I’m a fair skinned, albeit olive complexion, but still fair skinned and spent most of my youth and a good part of middle age out in the sun.
  • Any combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and invasive procedures (surgery) are used to treat Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma of Skin. Small-sized tumors and tumors that have not metastasized can be cured through appropriate skin surgery… I had the appropriate skin surgery.
  • The prognosis for metastatic tumors depends upon many factors including the stage of the tumor, health status of the individual, and treatment response. The prognosis may be guarded…fingers crossed and I have regular check ups.

I still spend time in the sun but wear a shirt, often long sleeved and if I am swimming in the surf wear a long sleeve rashie. I have always worn sunglasses since about age 11 and wear a hat with appropriate brim for different conditions.

So, he performed a local bit of surgery, put in 6 stitches and we await the results of sending the tumour to the lab. When my brother was 18 he had a tumour which got into his lymph gland and he had major surgery to have it removed. You cannot be too careful. Better I have a few stitches now than a life threatening tumour later on.

Tonight 26 of us from our village went to the Australian Outback Spectacular.

060219 aos1

The tickets are normally around $110 PP but includes the floor show, a 3 course meal and drinks, wine, beer or soft drink followed by tea or coffee. It also includes a yahoo type souvenir hat. I did not know what to expect once we were ushered into a big barn like bar/waiting room.

060219 aos
Main foyer bar at Australian Outback Spectacular

I think the idea is to wait until everybody who is coming has arrived and so they can sell a few drinks and souvenirs beforehand. Then we got ushered into an even bigger barn like building with tiered seating and a serving platform in front of each row.

060219 aos2
Main auditorium

The entrée which was a delightful quiche with a spicy mango sauce was served immediately and cold beer and other drinks followed.  If all I got all night was the quiche and a couple of beers I would have been happy.

The spectacular floor show began and the immense spectacle was a combination of light, videography, live action and a story. I think everybody who saw this presentation were enthralled by the video presentation of a waterfall on a screen and the water flowing along the creek was shown on the sandy arena. It really was so lifelike and the magical sound effects including sound through the floor and bench tables. This was impressive.

Midway through the show a chuck wagon comes into the arena and the outback cook announces dinner. Suddenly wait staff were delivering 2 inch thick fillet steak drizzled with a red wine sauce, a potato concoction almost good enough to serve on its own plus beans and pumpkin. More drinks arrived and the show continued.

During the show horses gallop around. Cattle are herded, utes and 4WD careen around gun battles on horseback and so many things to take in.

At one stage a helicopter flys into the arena does a few circuits and buzzes out. Obviously it not a real helicopter….but it is. It is made from real helicopter parts but the spinning blades and rotors are operated by batteries and the engine noise comes from the sound system. It is realistic enough for the show presentation.

A super rich chocolate mousse dessert arrived and although I heard people saying how rich and sweet it was, all the plates were licked clean. The only downside was the tea and coffee but I guess you cannot expect espresso coffee when you are feeding hundreds.

All in all a great night out, value for money and recommended.

Thursday 7th February

Donnis wanted to go to the beach for a washing machine experience in the dumping surf. I went for a walk.

070219 writing
I have never seen Japanese, umm err Chinese or maybe Korean writing on the beach before.

As I approached where I saw the wedding I saw the photographer again and thought “aha, another wedding”.

070219 lifeguard
Hmmm! It was about here where I saw the wedding the other day. Wait! Hmmm! That looks like the wedding photographer striding over the sand dune.

Sure enough a wedding party came over the hill and the photographer got busy.

070219 wedding
Here comes another wedding.

So did I.070219 wedding3 It seems the time for wedding photos is around 3pm. 070219 wedding1I must keep that in mind when we go to the beach next time.070219 wedding2

Friday 8th February

Today we had a walk along the Broadwater and Labrador and Donnis has a swim at The Lagoon.

070219 boat
Tourist boats are now landing guests on sandbanks so they can run around or even do a spot of fishing.

Sunday 10th February

Today was hot and dry and an uncomfortably hot and sticky wind was blowing from the north east. We prepared a picnic lunch and drove to Broadbeach and had lunch in a picnic shelter. The shade and wind blowing through the walls was pleasant. Afterwards we went to Marina Mirage for an ice cream. We took a walk across the footbridge to

100219 bridge
Walkway over the main road connecting Marina Mirage with Sheraton Grande Mirage.

Sheraton Grand Mirage

100219 view
Main road to Sea World and The Spit.

and checked out the twin Rolls Royce parked in the forecourt of Palazzo Versace

100219 palazzo
Palazzo Versace including the twin Rolls Royce.

next door to Marina Mirage before going to The Lagoon for Donnis to have a swim.

Tonight, somewhere between 6pm and 8pm somebody came in through our unlocked back door, OR more likely through the open garage door, propping the door open and threw a cleaning cloth on the car windscreen. Nothing seems to have been taken but it is a bit of an invasion.  The key which usually sits on a hook beside the door was left on a small desk. Several other events have happened to other villagers these last few weeks. We need to beef up security.

Update written Monday. Change of situation. Donnis handbag containing such mundane things as money, credit cards, license and so on plus a white purse were taken from the spare bedroom. That now explains why the back door was propped open to provide a second escape route. It also explains the dirty cloth, it was used to wipe down anything he/she touched. The scary thing is we were at home at the time! Donnis was most likely in the bedroom sorting through her wardrobe and I was on a lounge in front of the TV perhaps asleep. Police Forensics arrived and checked for fingerprints on the door. The door is clear. No fingerprints at all. Not even ours. Forensics believe the thief is most likely in the system, that is why the door was wiped down.

Today with the help of friend Val R who researched security camera systems for me has made a suggested kit of a 4 camera system. It will not stop a thief but will give us a measure of comfort knowing we can provide CCTV footage in any future event.