Day: January 6, 2019

658. Sunday 7th January 219. New Years Eve, walking the Broadwater and Donnis home from Canada…

Monday 31st December  – New Years Eve

After a big Continental Breakfast I was on my way just on 8am. Lots of traffic getting more so as I got further down the highway. I planned to stop at a United Fuel Station in a little town called Gunalda which until today I knew nothing about as previously I have cruised through not knowing there was a town. There still isn’t. It is just a location on a map. United have built a brand new fuel stop here which blew me away with its sheer size. United also own the Pie Shop called Pie Face. Almost all the modern United Fuel outlets have a Pie face franchise incorporated in the store. Inside the station there is Pie Face and several other choices of food and a huge seating area but what stood out was a private Truckies Lounge which has another set of tables etc with toilet and shower facilities. Business was brisk especially as fuel was at least 12 cents a litre cheaper than the nearest town. Everybody had to line up for fuel. Very impressive for an outlet in the middle of nowhere at least 20 Klm s from a town in any direction.

After a few stops I arrived home by 4pm. Had a snooze to gather some energy for the New Years Eve party at the clubhouse. We had opposing expectations of those present. There were those who wanted the TV turned on so they could watch the tennis. Others wanted to see the telecast of the fireworks from Sydney. Others wanted to play games and others wanted background music and a bit of dancing. You canna please everybody all of the time. However I was in bed by 12.29. I was too tired to stay awake any longer.

Tuesday 1st January. New Years Day.

Not much to report today. I had drinks in the afternoon with my neighbour Marie and several other ladies. It was interesting to hear the stories of their younger days more than a half century ago and how several of them lived in the famous Kings X in Sydney. Brave ladies. There is no way I would have walked around The Cross when I wore a younger mans clothes (thanks to Billy Joel – Piano Man)

Wednesday 2nd January

Up early – not too early mind – but early enough to see the filtered light still struggling through the coastal cloud.

020119 marina mirage
Early morning silhouette looking across the Broadwater to Marina Mirage
020119 broadwater
In this photo, looking across a swimming enclosure is inflatable water obstacle course, a Cenotaph, a hill with Maddie the colourful sculpture, a circus and Surfers Paradise way in the distance.
020119 cenotaph
Southport Cenotaph

I went to the Broadwater Parklands and walked around noticing how many like -minded early morning people there are at this time of day. I was home by 7am.

020119 maddie
Maddie and Bear, oversize sculptures created by Gold Coast artist and award-winning Hollywood animator John Cox.
020119 maddie1
Maddie overlooks her domain, The Broadwater Parklands and waterway of Nerang River.
020119 reflections
Reflection pool

Friday 4th January

040119 mirage
Sunrise across the Broadwater to Marina Mirage.

Another early morning at Broadwater Parklands.

040119 broadwater
Looking from Southport across the Broadwater (Nerang River) to the high rise of Main Beach

Today I got as far as the Sundale Bridge which connects Southport with the rest of the Gold Coast.

040119 bridge
Between the footbridge and the vehicle bridge linking Southport to Surfers Paradise.

Weather forecasts of a few showers this week have proved baseless. No showers, no rain.

040119 black
A Canal work boat.
040119 borogi
2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot BOROBI

Saturday 5th January

It was too hot to play bowls this afternoon, In fact it was too hot for any activity. Actually it is not the heat but the humidity which makes it feel hotter and saps the strength.

A neighbour has some Caladium growing in her garden.

060119 caladium
A nice example of a Caladium

She offered to pot a shoot and nurture it until it would be well enough to transplant. I wanted a Caladium as my father had one magnificent specimen in a pot. On his death I took the plant it kept it in a happy place. When Donnis and I hit the road in 2010 we gave it to my daughter to place in her greenhouse. In 2011 when we visited it was struggling to survive. I wanted another specimen. As a matter of interest when I visited my daughter over Christmas she showed me the Caladium as she had moved it out of the greenhouse and placed it next to a brick wall but out of the way of any wind but in ¾ sun. It is thriving and is once again a huge colourful plant. Today I collected the plant from my neighbour and waited until near dark before transplanting to a huge pot I had prepared earlier in the day. I also created a new branch line to the watering system and ensured the pot is in a nice place out of the wind, away from the setting sun but gets midday sun. Fingers crossed it will be happy there.

Sunday 6th January

I have not done much this week. It has been hot so I have kept a low profile staying at home in the cool, staying hydrated and only doing a minimum of anything. Of course I still play table tennis twice a week and do my walks along the Broadwater in the mornings. Next week line dancing starts again.

Donnis arrived home this morning. Her flight had been delayed an hour but she was greeted with a hot Brisbane day but she was dressed for a cold Vancouver winter. She struggled to stay awake all, afternoon. Instead of going to the beach where it would hot and crowded we went to Australia Fair, parked in the shade and just enjoyed walking around in air conditioning.

070119 australia fair
Australia Fair.

After dinner of a nice lamb curry and a glass of wine Donnis lost the battle and was in bed by 7pm.

See yah next week.