Day: January 1, 2019

657. Sunday 30th December 2018. Part 2 of my road trip to Mackay for Christmas…

I had intended to post this to the internet on Sunday night. Regrettably download/upload speed and internet were unstable. I suppose with a full motel and lots of people wanting internet I should have expected it to be slow. As well I was tired from the long drive and went to bed early. So, here it is, New Years Day and I am just finding time and inclination  to finish what I started.

27th December

Today I drove 70 Klms to Finch Hatton in the Pioneer Valley which lies under the  brow of the Eungella Range. Along the way I stopped at Mirani beneath the road bridge and the sugar cane railway bridge where they span the deep chasm over the Pioneer River.

271218 platypus beach
Platypus Beach under the bridges.

Locals and council have worked together to convert a popular rough swimming spot into an even more popular better organised family picnic and swimming and canoeing spot. It is called, affectionately, Platypus Beach.

271218 platypus beach1
Platypus Beach at Mirani.

I went to visit my daughter Melissa, horse stud and training facility. She and hubby Steve prepared a picnic lunch and drove us up the Eungella Mountain Range to picnic spot called Sky Window. This place is normally part of a lush rainforest National Park. Recently a bushfire which started in Finch Hatton and quickly got out of control raced up the escarpment along lots of deep and steep hidden ravines. The forest floor was littered with 70 years of accumulated fire fuel. It had been 70 years since a fire came through here. Residents of Eungella and Finch Hatton and small villages between were evacuated. My daughter managed to evacuate her 10 horses 3 dogs and other farm animals until the fire was brought under control. The fire jumped the only road into and out of Eungella. Many people had to be air lifted out. The Eungella Chalet which has sat at the top of the pass for 85 years was expected to be destroyed by the fire which was out of control.

271218 chalet2
The Chalet looking impressive at the top of the range. A closeup reveals the flaws.
271218 chalet1
An imaginative set of wood carvings depicting a bit of Harry Potter and a bit of Lord of the Rings and maybe a bit of fantasy from the Disc World series of books by Terry Pratchett.

Aircraft Foam Bombed the leading edge of the fire on the perimeter of the chalet.

271218 chalet
Melissa and Steve stand at the edge of The Chalet grounds where it drops to the valley floor. You can see the parts of burned rainforest.

271218 eungella
Looking down on part of the zig zag road through the Eungella Range. Parts burned in the fires stand out. The amazing thing is there was limited damage…at least in this part. Far more damage occurred in other p[arts of Eungella and Finch Hatton.
On the one hand it was a wonderful effort by all involved to save the Chalet. On the other hand it is tired, crumbling, dirty and badly in need of repairs, maintenance, a big overhaul and a general tidy up of all the rubbish and bits and pieces stored there over the years. As it was built on the top of an escarpment known for land slippage, it is easy to see the cracks in the foundations. Eungella receives a very high average rainfall and now the fire has destroyed much of the plants holding the steep hillsides intact, a good solid heavy rainfall this season may bring some unexpected slippage. We could see where the fire was stopped literally metres from the chalet.

In other places within the National Park we could see where the fire jumped the road and continued the devastation. In other places with park tracks only a metre wide and the canopy of tree crowns were touching, the fire stopped at the pathway.

271218 eungella2
Just a small portion of the fire damage. Remember these plants were holding the soil of the steep escarpment in place. If they recover in time to avoid some major soil slippage remains to be seen. At the time I am writing this another cyclone warning has been issued for Queensland. Typically, even if the cyclone does not cause damage, the rainfall, even from returning to a tropical low, will dump huge amounts of rain.
271218 eungella3
Unbelievably the fire stopped at the pathway, despite the crown of trees touching above.

The possibility for disaster was enormous but somehow most properties survived with little or no damage. Many houses and sheds were destroyed without human life or cattle losses.

271218 eungella1
This Elk Horn plant sits high in the canopy of a tree. It is typical of so many of these plants which somehow avoided decimation although suffering some heat damage.

It was a great opportunity to spend time with Melissa and hear of her personal account of the fire. Soon it was time to go as she and Steve have a training session with horses every afternoon. It was back on the road for me and another 70 Klms return to Sandi’s house.


Friday 28th December

Today grandson Anakin was spending a few hours training at the Wake Board Park.

281218 wake park2
These beginner knee boards are so difficult to manouvre. It seems the trick is to keep your body weight back and your arms tucked back and into your sides. Many people could not react to the sudden jerk of the line and were in the water within a few metres of the start.
281218 wake park
Gradually the line got longer and longer as those who fell off wanted to get back on and try again.

I joined daughter Averyl, granddaughter Shelby and him at the water park and watched him show off.

281218 anakin
The next eight photos is Anakin showing off. If you can, you do. Despite what may seem otherwise. Anakin did not fall off in any of the stunts show. HeeHeeeHeee. He did fall off in other stunts though.

281218 anakin2

I may have gone overboard on photos but he needs some to supply to his clothing sponsor.281218 anakin1281218 anakin3281218 anakin4281218 anakin7281218 anakin6281218 anakin5281218 anakin8

Aferwards, Averyl, Shelby and I went to The Lighthouse at Mackay Marina for fish and chips. Today I had my favourite, Red Throat Emperor. I could have done with more fish and less chips.

Saturday 29th December

I woke this morning with realisation I have made an error in my travel plans. For some reason I thought Sunday was 29th December and by leaving Sunday to drive back to the Gold Coast I would arrive on 30th and have a whole day of relaxation before a New Years Eve party.

Gulp! Today is the 29th. I will arrive home on 31st December sometime in the evening. No relaxation.

I also woke with realisation that sitting beside the water wind the wind blowing, although I was sitting in the shade, the sun reflects off the water. I woke with a huge facial sunburn. I expect over the next few days the burn will start to flake off my face.


I visited my daughter Averyl and grandson Anakin after lunch and told them I would be leaving in the morning.

Back at Sandi’s house she cooked up a wonderful baked Barramundi for dinner. Wonderful. If there is one fish better than Barra it is the Red Emperor I had yesterday.

Rain has come and gone in squalls all day and tomorrow promises to be fine to begin my road trip.

Sunday 30th December

I was on my way by 7.45am. About an hour down the highway the sunny skies turned dark. Very dark. I took off my sunglasses and then the rain began. Slow then hard and constant for about 30 minutes. Perhaps the heavy rain will splash up under the car and find any bits of salt I may have missed when I twice washed the car this week. See post 656 for details.

After the rain came the sun. Thank goodness I always use the air con.

I stopped in Rockhampton for lunch, then a fuel top up at Mt Larcom and I arrived at Bororen Hotel at 2pm. It was a good trip although the usual boring section between Sarina and Rockhampton lived up to its name. It is always good to get that part of the journey behind you.

I have a comfortable room here at the Bororen Hotel. On arrival they asked if I had a reservation. Ummm NO! Do I need one? Yes you do for the next 6 weeks. School holidays and lots of travellers. That said, I managed to get the last available room.

Dinner saw the dining room crowded with mostly families. There were locals on a Saturday night out and a few travellers who stopped for dinner. Another guest I spoke with said she had been there for a week as part of her regular trip to the area. She has researched accommodation and found this is the best deal anywhere. Other guests also mentioned they had been here 10 days and use it as a base to travel to the coast around Gladstone an d a myriad of beaches, rivers lake etc to satisfy their fishing activities. I can see why you need a reservation.

I had the local delicacy, Whiting fillets, crumbed and deep fried. Nice but I could have had more fillets and less chips. Hmmm! I think I already said that about another fish and chips meal this week. I am grateful this week has mostly been seafood and none of it was the dreaded imported, bottle dwelling a feeding catfish, BASA. Beware Basa and always ask what fish is being served to you. If the fish and chips you are going to buy seems cheap, it probably is and probably is Basa. Say no to Basa.

There endeth the sermon.