649. Sunday 25th November 2018. Venetian blind blues, walks along the Broadwater and Rock and Roll…

Monday 19th November

Today I continued the search which I have not mentioned before. In 2015 we bought venetian blinds for 7 windows in the house. We bought from Curtain Wonderland and installed ourselves. Two of the 7 blinds have a problem with the slat controller. It has stopped working and after taking the blinds down and removing the mechanism we found a little cog wheel in both has the teeth broken off. I called Curtain Wonderland and long story short, they do not keep spares. I started checking blind installers, retailers and repairers to find a spare parts supplier. I found one about a half hour drive away in Burleigh Waters. I will go there later in the week. Nobody else has spares and with so many different styles and brands and manufacturers it would be surprising to find spares at all. We may have to modify. Our only other option is to buy new venetians and at an average of $150 each I do not think so.

Tuesday 20th November

Now for something totally different. Today I went to Brisbane for the RACQ (Royal Automobile Club) AGM. The invite did not mention anything about food so I expected they may provide a cup of tea and scones after the AGM. I planned my trip to arrive an hour before and dined at a nearby McDonalds. On arrival at the AGM I discovered there were lashings of food for all those people who arrived early. I was too full to eat anything. Those scones jam and cream looked nice though.

The AGM followed the course of other AGM’s for other organisations I have attended. (Of course Queensland Country Credit Union had their AGM at the western Queensland Mining town of Mt.Isa. They put on the food and drink AFTER the AGM. Local members attended for the opportunity of imbibing lots of free booze.) They pat themselves on the back for all the things they have done during the year and which is written in the Annual Report. Still it was fun being welcomed by the Chairwoman of the Board, the CEO of the RACQ Roadside Assist arm and the CEO of the banking arm

Wednesday 21st November

In the morning I was at The Broadwater at 6am to experience another MORNING. Yeah I wrote that in capitals because morning on The Broadwater is capitol.

191118 lagoon
Six am at The Lagoon on the Broadwater. This is why I like being here.

It was a hot humid windy day with an expected thunder storm in the afternoon.

191118 southport
Southport across the Broadwater

It never arrived although the clouds built up and later in the evening I could see lightning to the west. A fresh weather forecast told us to expect thunder lightning wind rain and hail to arrive in the early hours of the morning. It did not arrive either.

191118 lagoon1
Storm clouds pushing the blue skies away.

In the afternoon I visited Australia Fair Shopping Centre to do a bit of shopping and enjoy a photo competition   https://www.australiafair.com.au/whats-happening/photography-competition-winners/

I also enjoyed the cool air conditioning while I was there. I wonder if everybody else was there to escape the heat and humidity?


Thursday 22nd November

No storm overnight. Losing faith in the weather forcasters.

211118 lagoon
High tide at The Lagoon

6am at The Broadwater – again. This morning it is overcast and a cool wind is blowing but it is hot and humid. After a busy walk to Loder Creek and return I noticed once out of the breeze I suddenly felt the humidity and sweat began to form.

211118 broadwater
The Broadwater

I also had another cheeky moment of taking a photo of The Lagoon at near high tide and sending it to Donnis. She spent all day yesterday on several flights to travel from Calgary to Prince Edward Island via Ottawa, Ontario and Hallifax, Nova Scotia. She called me about the photo.

Meanwhile back home I logged on to Facebook Picture a Day and found 34 Notifications. It will be a busy day.

A big storm rolled in after lunch. The usual noise and wind etc. I drove to Burleigh Waters for a part to repair the venetians. Alas. Even the specialist no longer has these parts. Grrr!

I am also planning some time away next week visiting friends Tony and Dawn at Port Macquarie NSW. I am looking forward to some exploring.

Friday 23rd November.

Tonight was the BIG NIGHT for which we have been learning to dance Rock and Roll. Wow! What a night. I actually got up and danced, not particularly fancy but well enough for people to notice and congratulate me. It also helped that two of the ladies I danced with are forgiving very accomplished dancers. The other was an equally forgiving partner, who like me is still learning. Yeah we made mistakes but only we noticed and we kept trying. Often it was just as enjoyable to watch the others who dance three, four or more times a week. Those that dance to what I would call freestyle are just amazing to watch.

I was a little more at home doing line dancing and seeing 20 or more dancers doing much the same step, except for freestylers (I am considered a freestyler and have been doing this for about 2 years) to a live rock band and bringing applause from the audience was satisfying.

I was home by 11.30 pm and looking forward to bed.

Saturday 24th November

Some days nature seems to be an attraction you cannot ignore. Several weeks ago a large number of baby birds were born in the park near my house. There were the baby plovers and ducks and even a few magpies. This last 10 days a young magpie has been following the mother as they walk up one side of our street, exploring small patches of grass then turning around and walk back along the other side. All the while the young bird is chirping constantly as if asking questions, just like a two year old child. The mother makes a sudden dart forward as if to catch a worm or bug then stops to allow the youngster to finish the action. It’s all very fascinating but the constant chirp, chirp, chirp for a couple of hours is distracting.

This afternoon was a bowls tournament followed by drinks and nibblies after which I was so tired and ready for bed.

Sunday 25th November

Awake at 5am so went and washed and vacuumed i30 ready for the road trip to Port Macquarie tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent finalising finances involved with Rock and Roll night. Everybody has been paid. It works out that including the cost of the band, raffle prizes and the marvellous supper came to $8.44 a head.

Early to bed tonight, early to rise tomorrow and an 8 hour drive to Port. See you next week.

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