Day: November 19, 2018

648. Sunday 18th November 2018. The usual no routine, a walk along the Broadwater and a trip to Mt Tamborine…

Wednesday 14th November

So far this week I have done my usual of Rock and Roll lessons and Line Dancing and Table Tennis. The weather has been great.

Thursday 15th November

Woke at 5am and could not get back to sleep so I drove to The Lagoon on The Broadwater and went for a walk.

151118 lagoon
The Lagoon at low tide. In less than an hour there were about 20 people swimming here and by midday it was crowded. High tide sees the sand groin on the right covered.

What an absolutely glorious morning. So glorious in fact that I decided to share. I use my Samsung Galaxy A3 to take a photo of the Lagoon and send to Donnis via Facebook Messenger to show her what she is missing over there in snowy Calgary. Within a minute she called me and I turned on the video camera to show her live footage of The Broadwater.

151118 broadwater
The Lagoon on The Broadwater. lovely still water at low tide about 5.30 am.
151118 broadwater 4
This one we call the dragon boat.

I know she loves the area.

151118 broadwater2
Calm water, sunrise, houseboat, canoe all framed by Casuarina.
151118 broadwater3
Pelicans are waking too. Their early morning chatter and making plans for the day.

Sunday 18th November

We had a big storm last night with thunder lightning strong winds and lots of rain. Other places got damage from hail but we escaped the worst of the storm. I took a drive to Mt Tamborine but it is a lot colder in the mountains and my shorts and Tshirt were not enough for the cool, mountain air.181118 heritage I noticed that the town of Tamborine does not include any big name businesses or franchises. Big supermarkets or food outlet chains do not exist here.  That is a good thing and a bad. Good that it gives a local a chance to maintain a business but at the expense of not being able to buy products in bulk and pass on savings. There are many people here who call themselves artisans or craftspersons or artists, photographers and so on.

181118 stump
This tree was reported cut down over a century ago by timber cutters with a long bladed two person hand saw. Notice the moss and lichen.

Many people came here to escape what they call the rat race and live according to their state of mind. Unfortunately for many their state of  mind cannot keep up with the cost of living so many houses are for sale. The only people thriving are the real estate agents.

I also noticed that houses and fences etc have lots of moss or lichen growing. That is due to the high moisture laden humid air. Although the mountain location is cooler in summer it still produces a high humid and high rainfall every year. Trees and roof lines also have this thick carpet of green. Living so close to nature can be a good thing but the high cost of maintenance  also shows, as the houses has many trees growing around them. I shudder to think what would happen should a bushfire break out here.

181118 chair
An old lichen and moss covered chair outside the house known as Bandicoot Cottage.

Before leaving I stopped at a lookout on the western side of town which overlooks Canungra and took the first Panoramic photo with my Panasonic FZ200.

181118 panorama
Panorama looking over Canungra Valley. Somewhere about 60 Klms over the cloud shrouded hills on the right is Brisbane.

I ate my prepared lunch and drove back down the mountain via an alternate, steeper route and went to Southport Beach to finish my lunch. Oops the clouds had rolled in, the wind picked up and it was just as cool here as in the mountains.