Day: November 6, 2018

646. Sunday 4th November 2018. A quiet week, Donnis in Canada so I review years gone by…

Monday 29th October

Donnis flew out to Canada yesterday and I do not expect to hear from her for a day or two.

This date in 2011 we were in Mackay.

Up at first light for a walk around nearby The Gooseponds.

I noticed a strange fruit lying on the ground under an equally strange leaved tree. Another walker stopped to tell me she thought it was a Sausage Tree. What the…!!! Sausage Tree. Since childhood I always thought sausages were made by the butcher! A bit of research shows, in fact, it is a Sausage Tree. You would not want to eat the fruit which was very heavy and seems to have a skin as tough as Rhinoceros skin. The Google results explain better than me. and

sausage tree
Sausage fruit tree

Tuesday 30th October.

Donnis has arrived in Calgary but jet lag has caught up with her.

This date in 2012 I was in Guyra NSW. I had only just arrived to take up house sitting duties.

The house I will start sitting duties in on Saturday was built somewhere around 1912 and had seen additions built on several times over the last 100 years. It was believed to be a haunted house, way back in 1921. See

Hmmm! I am sleeping here, alone, for at least the next 4 weeks until Donnis returns. The current owners and their dog are quite comfortable and have had no weird experiences.

041112 view
View from haunted house at Guyra

Tuesday, quiet days just doin nuthin. Bonding with the dog Toto.

Went grocery shopping in Armidale. Nice town umm err city.

Wednesday 31st October

Donnis doing OK. Weather forecast tells me heatwave conditions will arrive for at least the next 5 days. My planned trip over the Great Dividing Range to Lamington National Park for photo opportunities has been put on hold until the weather cools or I find somebody foolish enough to join me.

This day in 2013 we were in Airlie Beach with what we thought was a brief 3 month sojourn. Little did we know our plans will change dramatically as the following comments show. We were camped at my sister Sandra’s house in Mackay.

Shoal Point Sunset

Today was a slow day. We didn’t do nuffin” Well not quite. We did prepare WWWGO, TERIOS

Terios and WWWGO at Boulder Creek.


011113 subaru
My favourite Subaru Liberty AWD Rallye

for the trip to Airlie Beach.

I start work as a casual on Monday.

No, this is not the end of our travels. We will still have short trips, a bit like we did when we stayed at Culcairn NSW for three months in 2012. The work will allow us to finance some improvements to our houses and RALLYE and future longer travels in WWWGO.

Niece Jo-Elle, Shan’s daughter has been entered in a Barista competition. She was a little reluctant to attend as she thought she had no chance of winning. An excited Jo-Elle called Shan to say she had won! Woo Hoo Jo-Elle. Way to go girl. We have a champion Barista in our midst!

Thank you Shan for allowing us to set up camp at your house. We really appreciate spending time with you and the family. It was wonderful to have a friendly happy base in Mackay. In fact we have spent time with all three sisters and my brother over the last three years and we have enjoyed and appreciated the hospitality.


Thursday 1st November.

Today it was hot but nowhere near as hot as the forecasters led us to believe.

This day in 2014 we were in our village in Biggera Water.

I drove our Potential Buyer – of WWWGO – to the Coolangatta Airport for his flight home while Donnis attended a Tai Chi class. Tonight, while watching TV we heard two loud thumps on the wall outside the dining room window. I got a torch and shoes and went outside to investigate. Hmmm! A plant stand had been moved from the garden to under the window and a wheelie bin had been moved away from the window to make room for the plant stand. The plant stand had collapsed and fallen against the wall. Most likely from the weight of a person.

We have had an intruder!!! A prowler!!! A burglar casing the premises!!!

I walked two houses away to speak with the Home Owners Committee chairman. He was away but after I explained to his wife Julie what had happened she called security from the van park next door. Soon we had two men patrolling the streets. They also mentioned an intruder had been reported in the van park an hour before and they had a good description of the alleged perpetrator and this was passed to the Police. I joined the security guy in checking the fence line. Near the creek I was about to step on some rocks but decided to shine a torch on where I was about to step. Good thing I did as I almost trod on a snake. Although a Google search later showed it to be a non- venomous Childrens Python I am sure if I had trodden on the snake it would not have been happy and would have reacted. In turn I would not have been happy either.

Hmmm! An interesting night.

The intruder had stolen an Electric Outboard from a neighbor but being a silly criminal did not plan very well. He hoisted the motor onto the wall above our letter boxes where he thought nobody would see it. Security did see it so they and the Police waited. Sure enough within a short while the short on brains thief, returned, on the other side of the wall to collect his booty. Once he took the motor down the Police took him down too!

Friday 2nd November

It got hotter during the day so I stayed home and played photos with the several Facebook Photo Groups I am a member of.

On this day in 2015 we were at home in  Biggera Waters.

Donnis and I walked along the beach at The Broadwater.

The Broadwater

During our walk we noticed what appeared to be a Cormorant (more commonly known in Oz as a Shag) and a Pelican, working together to catch fish. The Shag swam beside the Pelican then dived while the Pelican followed and suddenly dove its head underwater, returning with a beak of small fish. The Shag also surfaced with a small fish in its beak. This partnership went on for ages as we watched.

081115 pelican1
Cormorant and Pelican working together.

In the evening, Iain, the son of long- time friend Greg T, arrived for the night. Greg who lives in Guyra has Parkinsons Disease and for the most part has been living in a dignified way with the terrible debilitating disease. Just recently he has been diagnosed with a form of fast acting Dementia and has been hospitalised. The hospital at Guyra has no facilities for such patients and transferred Greg to Armidale. They in turn have insufficient facilities and referred him to Tamworth. Now it seems they also have no bed and are referring Greg to Newcastle. This is terrible news as Armidale was only a half hour drive for the family. Tamworth on the other hand is a two hour drive whereas Newcastle is a five hour drive. We sure hope something can be sorted for the family.

Saturday 3rd November

Another hot day although nowhere near the record temperatures predicted. I had planned a walk along the surf beach but played lawn bowls instead.

On this day in 2016 I had nothing recorded in my diary notes. Nothing! Much the same as this year really.

Sunday 4th November

What can I say? Another hot day but so far none of the hot days has required air conditioning although I did turn on the fans.

On this day in 2017 we were at home preparing for the Melbourne Cup. Hmmm! We are doing the same this year.

Today we organised prize envelopes for each of the nine sweeps already completed and paid for. Tonight we discovered one of the favourite horses has been scratched.

Grrr! Now we have to re-do the prize envelopes and shift one person from each sweep into a new, as yet not fully subscribed sweep.

We also found our main catering and cooking person, Wayne, is in hospital with an infected foot from an injury last week. Hope all goes well for Wayne. Our fallback catering team of Marie and Lyn will take over the duties.

This year Wayne is doing ALL the catering for the Melbourne Cup. This year we bought some Bay Marie’s to keep the food hot for catering and serving.