Day: October 28, 2018

645. Sunday 28th October 2018. Administration, Line Dancing, Rock and Roll lessons and the Co-Pilot flies out…

Monday 22nd October

Tony and Dawn left this morning.

An hour or so later Donnis said she had a medical appointment at Robina and would I drive her. Sure. After dropping her at the medico I went to the shopping centre as it was convenient to wait in air con and as well Doughnut King has a special of a cup of coffee and two doughnuts for $4. As I was walking in the centre, Tony and Dawn were walking out. What a coincidence. There are so many car parks attached to the centre and probably 20 different entrances. What are the odds of seeing them? They had decided to call in for some last minute shopping.

Hmmm! Rather interesting. We also bumped into Tony and Dawn at the end of August in the biggest shopping centre in Townsville. In that case we knew they had gone there but had expected they had left long before we arrived.

Table tennis tonight. Even with the AC turned on we still got a marvellous workout.

Tuesday 23rd October

Rock and Roll lessons tonight. Why Oh Why did I not learn to dance when I was younger? Our teachers are such patient people and what is a complicated series of steps to us is simple basics to them. Simple things like when and how to hold hands and when to release and how to place your feet in a simple 4 step beat. Although it all sounds simple and straight forward we finished the night feeling like we just had a workout at the gym.

Wednesday 24th October.

Another workout this morning with Line Dancing. I suppose the line dancing moves has also helped with the rock and roll lessons.

Sunday 28th October

Much of the intervening days has been filled with a good of nothing plus a generous amount of time planning.

Planning what???

I drove Donnis to the airport this morning. She has flown to Canada for a couple of months.

What can I say about this week other than what we usually do plus my new duties as Admininstrator of the US based Picture A Day Facebook Photo Group. I have a steep learning curve involving protocol, hierarchy, rules and group dynamics, vet, accept or decline potential new members. Oh yes, also have to review member photos and make comments.

Nice comments or sometimes ask members to withdraw photos which do not comply with rules. I suppose one day it will all be straight forward but for now it is time consuming.

It’s funny how I am involved in a photo group and have not had time to take photos this week.