644. Sunday 21st October 2018. Heavy rain, Tony and Dawn, Photo Surprise and Apple annoys me…grrr…

Monday 15th October

Rain. Heavy at times.

On this date in 2010. It was raining with a severe weather alert issued for more heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, thunder. Much the same as we have today.

Today, like in 2010 is a day to stay indoors and laze about.

Our new 75 inch smart tv arrived and has been hung on the wall at the clubhouse albeit without any connections to a DVD player, our six surround sound speakers nor internet connection or even basic Bluetooth. It arrived without an instruction book.

Hmmm. We have a steep learning curve ahead of us and I have waded in, sleeves rolled up and volunteered to sort it out.

Thursday 18th October

Once a month our Social Committee provides a morning tea get together. It is a bring a plate occasion where we also supply a birthday cake for those celebrating a birthday or couples an anniversary during the month. Often we arrange for an interesting guest speaker as well. Attendance has dropped off a little so this month we decided on a “breakfast” instead of morning tea or coffee. We charged $3 a head for a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato, mushrooms, toast and marmalade etc. As well we provided entertainment with a group of professional lady singers, dancers, actors, comediennes and entertainers. Lead lady is none other than Hazel Phillips known for her caberet style tv shows in the 70 and 80’s. No longer a spring chicken she still exudes style and ability to sing and handle a crowd. I included my fresh espresso coffee bar with help from another resident Shirley. The morning was a huge success which was almost a disaster when all the heating elements of several toasters, hot water urn, bay marie, coffee makers, stove, oven, pie warmer and electric frypan blew the fuses just as we turned on the AC. It looked like nothing would work until we reset the power after unplugging some of the equipment. The AC was needed desperately with the sun shining creating high humidity after overnight rain and about 60 people inside the clubhouse.

Friday 19th October

We went for a walk along the beach at The Broadwater. A large barge with a tractor and a digger arrived. 191018 bargeCouncil taped off an area where they will work. They are digging the inlet/outlet of the lagoon to allow the tidal water to flow freely at each change of tide.

191018 catamaran
The owner of this catamaran did not realise the anger he caused by leaving the boat here, locked up, while he went away. Council had arranged to send in a big barge to carry out dredging works in this location. They had to work around the boat.
191018 catamaran1
Yes it is a catamaran although the length and breadth ratio is not good for a stable vessel. I was intrigued by what appears to be a home made anchor winch.
191018 police
Nice to know the Police patrol our waterways. Did you know if you lose your drivers licence you automatically lose your boat licence?
191018 storage
All the paddle boards are tucked up on the little sand dun and padlocked to the fence.
191018 oops
This is a classic case of the depth of keel far exceeds the depth of water under the keel. In cases like this a grounding is the result. Not a nice feeling if you are living aboard and sound asleep when you find the bottom. It is a good thing the bottom is sandy and not oyster encrusted rocks.
191018 tramp
This is the type of boat the Waterways Authority are concerned with. The rusting hulk is badly overloaded…among other problems.

Saturday 20th October

Our friends Tony and Dawn arrived on their way home in Port Macquarie from Mackay.

We made lots of crusty coated chicken for dinner. Including a glass or two of wine and a delightful dessert it was a wonderful evening with good friends.

Sunday 21st October

This morning I received a private Messenger invitation. I am a member of 9 Photographic sites worldwide. I try to post a photo to each site every day. One, Picture A Day is more helpful and friendlier than others. Unlike many Facebook sites, bad language and abusive and aggressive behaviour is not tolerated. Unlike some sites these conditions are enforced. I agree with the rules. When you are trying to showcase your photos, timely helpful advice and a sensible critique is sought and given. No negatives or making fun of a photo. So back to Messenger. It was an invite to join their Admin Team. Most of the Admin are based in USA and Canada with only one other from Australia. I was quite surprised and honoured with the invitation. I was so taken aback that I was unable to respond immediately. By tonight I had replied and said, YES. I was happy to say YES to this request unlike the Australian Government request a few months ago. Now I have to learn what Admin duties are and I am sure this will keep me busy most days.

While Donnis and Dawn spent time wandering around Harbourtown Shopping Centre, Tony and I drove to Robina Shopping Centre. We wanted to have a look at mobile phones as Tony’s old Apple can no longer be updated. It runs hot, needs charging daily and is slow. First I showed Tony how to round up sheep. Apple have released a new device of some sort so the sheep arrived in numbers at the new store in Robina. A man was casting from his iPad to a huge wall screen and teaching people who are young enough to know already, how to open Apps on an iPad. It seems Apple does not have an entry level phone or even a mid range phone. They only have phones near the top of the range which are expensive or phones which ARE the top of the range which are even more expensive. The cost is out of our league.

I have an ancient original release iPad which can no longer be updated and is unable to be used as an Internet search device. Apple could only offer to sell me a new device with the appropriate big price tag of course. My iPod Touch stopped working some years ago and was more expensive to fix. It was cheaper to buy a Smart Phone and have more facilities available to me. No way would I buy an Apple and all the road blocks and built in obslessence and an inability to add photos or music without having to open iTunes on my computer and import/sync from there. It seems in Apples eyes it is a crime to access iTunes from any computer other than the one you initially started with.

My old iPod Nano (or whatever the tiny device is called) also stopped working last month. I can no longer charge the battery.

Next we visited the Samsung store and a helpful young lady explained about the entry level phone, the mid range and top of the range phones all with a price tag to suit all budgets. We found a phone which suited Tony being in the right price bracket, is lighter but slightly bigger than his iPhone, has amazing battery life and short charging period and compared to his current phone is super fast. Now Tony is armed with lots of information to consider making a change OR not.

In the afternoon a huge summer storm rolled in dropping the temperature dramatically, lots of rain, wind, lightning and thunder. An hour later a brilliant sunset filled a cloudless sky.

Another great dinner with a couple of juicy fillet steaks.

Tomorrow Tony and Dawn leave for Port Macquarie.

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