Day: October 3, 2018

641. Sunday 30th September 2018. Donnis flys away, neck pain worsens, Rock & Roll lessons and rain…

Tuesday 25th September

Today I drove Donnis to Coolangatta Airport to catch a flight to Melbourne. I dropped her off at 1.45pm in plenty of time to check in and join the flight which was scheduled to leave at 3.15pm. I waited at North Kirra Beach

250918 coolangatta
Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay and Greenmount Beach from North Kirra Beach.

in case there were delays or she could not get on her standby flight.

250918 coolangatta1
Kirra Beach with Coolangatta in the background

Donnis called me 2pm to say she had her boarding pass and her flight was confirmed. In fact she was on an earlier flight which would be boarding shortly. As it turned out her flight was delayed and did not get away until 6.30 pm and she arrived in Melbourne at 9pm. Sheesh!

250918 surfers
Surfers Paradise from North Kirra Beach

On my way home I spied a black Tesla 2016 Model S P90D in the lane beside me at the traffic lights.tesla These cars still fetch around $160,000 used, on the Australian market. This all electric car can achieve 0 – 60 Klms in 2.8 seconds. The driver proved the point when the lights changed he changed lanes to pass the car in front of him then accelerated and pulled back into his original lane, he was over the first hill and away while the rest of the traffic was still moving up the hill. It supposedly has a range of 1,000 Klms on one charge. There are quite a number of re-charge stations around Australia and between Brisbane and Sydney there are many along the coastal route. The inland route is not so well serviced. On our recent trip to Townsville there is only 1 recharge station on the route but with a 1,000 Klm range it would have been no problem.

Wednesday 26th September.

Happy Birthday to my mate Tony whom I met on our first day of National Service Training last century. We have been friends ever since.

Tonight I am close to exhausted.

Line dancing this morning is normally a very active programme and good exercise.

This afternoon I saw the physiotherapist who gave me a series of neck exercises. He tells me another name for the degenerative problems in my neck is arthritis!!!–conditions/cervical-spondylosis-arthritis-of-the-neck/

I will do the exercises but the discomfort/pain is getting progressively worse. Sitting at the computer, reading, driving, riding the bike and sitting at a dining table with people to my right or left. If I do not turn my chair to face a person the pain begins in minutes.

Tonight the social club arranged Rock and Roll Dance lessons with a break for hot soup and bread. Our teachers are experienced Rock & Roll Dancers with at least 20 years experience…each. We started the lessons with the basic 1,2,3-4 steps and after we had almost mastered that they introduced us to combine with a partner. OK, almost have that, if not mastered at least familiar. Then we had to combine with a partner and put it a turn. We were so nervous and muscles were stiff trying to put the steps together and not embarrass ourselves in front of our village friends. Now let’s combine what we have learned and now include double turns.


Next we had to do it to music which I had set up on advice from two of the teachers. OK almost getting the hang of this when time out was called so we could have home- made chicken and vegetable soup with Turkish bread and social discussion about how we felt about our lessons then it was back into the lessons and now we had to add a cuddle step and a double turn. All too soon we had been learning for two hours and time to say goodnight.

We had a great night. A special thanks to Kay and Frank for agreeing to arrange the night along with their friends Clive & Shelley and to Wayne who yet again stepped up and did the catering.

Sunday 30th September

We have had some rain over the last few days including thunder and lightning. In surrounding suburbs they have also had big hailstones which caused damage. I am sure I have mentioned before that we seem to live in a pocket where all the bad weather usually bypasses us.

Thank goodness.

I had great plans for waking early and going for a bike ride to The Broadwater or even Southport. Yesterday morning I was awake at 5am so got dressed and went outside with the  bike and it started to rain.

Sigh! Cycling was taken off yesterday’s agenda.

Today you say??? Well I slept until 7am but it was raining again. The weather forecast for tomorrow is fine.