Day: September 25, 2018

640. Sunday 23rd September 2018. A look back in time, neck pain and photo editing…

Monday 17th September

Today I had a look back over my diary notes since 2011.

On this date in 2011 we spent some of the day at Palmyra near Mackay watching Dave E racing in Go Kart events. Later we took grandchildren Shelby and Anakin for a drive to Mackay Harbour outer wall which had only recently been opened to the public

On this day in 2012 I was in Mt Beauty Victoria house sitting. Donnis was in Canada and I spent some of the day at the local airport flying my drone and watching gliders.

On this day in 2013 we had just finished a 5 month house sit and were camped at a caravan park at Palm Beach and were planning on going to the SWELL Festival the next day.

On this date in 2014 we had just moved into our new home in the village and I drove to Armidale in NSW to attend court as a witness for a friend.

On this date in 2015 we were at home having a lay day. I had recently had surgery to fix a broken wrist and was in a good deal of pain…still. We were discussing driving to Nimbin on northern NSW to look at some pain relief via marijuana oil, cream and drops.

On this date in 2016 we attended the SWELL Festival at Currumbin.

Finally on this date last year we were painting the house interior.

Wednesday 19th September

For the past few weeks I have had discomfort and or pain in my neck and shoulders. It bothers me while at the computer, walking, driving, riding the bike or even in bed. I am constantly doing neck exercises, using a heat pad, a TENS Machine and Donnis does massage. I do get relief for awhile. Paracetamol helps but I hate taking pain killers. Today I saw my doctor and then went for X-Rays. I will have to wait a few days for the results.

Sunday 23rd September

I visited the doctor this morning for the results of the X-Rays. In an offhand manner he explained the results. All I heard were the words “Degenerative’ and “consistent with aging”.


Are you telling me the discomfort, the headaches the ache in my shoulders and neck, the grinding sensation I have when turning my head are because I am getting….OLD?

YEP. Was the answer.

He gave me a prescription for some Meloxicam an anti- inflammatory pain relief tablet. I noticed the prescription was for 30 tablets WITH NO repeats. Hmmm! Is the drug going to make me young again after 30 days??? What happens after 30 days? Do I make another trip and get another 30 day prescription? Does this go on and on forever?

He also gave me a referral to see a Physiotherapist and made an appointment for this coming Wednesday. I am unsure what the Physio will do to help me and I am not keen on taking a drug, which like all drugs, including those commonly bought at health food shops and sold under the guise of herbal remedies, have side effects. This particular drug has a list of side effects which reads like the opening chapter in War and Peace. Some of the side effects are the very things I am trying to get relief from!

In the afternoon we went to Southport Beach for a walk. Aaaah! Just a simple walk along the beach with sunshine, a light breeze and breathing salt air while walking in the shallow water (dodging waves) is invigorating. As well the body absorbs magnesium through the feet. It’s interesting that people buy magnesium oil, at around $20 for 100 grams to rub into their feet when a walk along the beach will produce the same results…for free. We always feel invigorated after a trip to the beach.

OK OK OK. It would appear I have done nothing all week.

Not true.

I am a member of several photographic Facebooks sites and I have been preparing my contributions. As well I have created several slide show presentations for the art group meetings on Fridays. Selecting, cutting, cropping, editing and resizing a photo takes time. The art group is always interested in the photos taken in many places of Australia, Canada, USA, New Guinea, Japan and New Zealand.

Tomorrow brings a new week and hopefully some new adventures…and some new photos.