Day: August 15, 2018

634. Sunday 12th August 2018. Social club activities, a visit by family and a fun sports day…

Gee what a slack old week. No photos. No new places visited but that will change.

Yeah yeah, I know I have promised that before. Usually I deliver…at my own pace of course.

Wednesday 8th August

My sister Bev has a birthday today. I called to wish her a Happy Birthday. She was at work and we could only chat for a few minutes. Sadly there will be nobody home to take her out for dinner tonight.


I saw my Skin Specialist today who took a skin punch biopsy sample on an itchy growth on my neck. I expect it will come back positive, after all I do live in sunshine most of the year and have done since I was a young pup. Sunshine can be a bit damaging to skin but the effects do not show up when you are young. Cancer waits until you are older, then pays a visit or dozen as payment for a misspent youth in the sun and surf.

I will know the results next week.

Thursday 9th August

Nothing happened today.

Oh wait! A few things did happen.

The co-pilot was busy cleaning house as my daughter Averyl and granddaughter Shelby are coming for the weekend.

I attended a Social Club Committee meeting to finalise arrangements for a fun sports day this Sunday.

We also made plans for a Rock and Roll night in October, a Wine and Cheese Night combined with Karaoke  in September, a speaker for our morning tea next month and we finalised and approved a set of rules for a Recreational Vehicle Storage Area.  I have been working on the rules for several weeks as they are long overdue and will help solve the problems which arise because there have been no clear cut rules in place. The rules are now approved, printed, laminated and placed on two notice boards within the village and copies have been sent to real estate agents to bring to the attention of potential buyers.

We also sketched out a rough plan for a progressive dinner during the summer months. We have a gazebo in our private park beside Biggera Creek, a pontoon and deck area, a couple of residents with large outdoor areas, an area around the pool, a barbecue area beside the bowls green and of course our clubhouse. There are plenty of places to have a progressive dinner. The committee liked my suggestion and a few residents we shared the idea with are enthusiastic.

Next I went and bought special Barista Milk and lots of coffee, hot chocolate and Chai Tea as I will provide all the coffee during the day. We have about 35 people attending and we will be self- catering muffins and coffee mid- morning and beef or chicken rolls with gravy for lunch followed by a selection of 4 different desserts. Fellow committee member Wayne will do the catering including baking as he has done in the past.

So, yes, something was done today.

Saturday 11th August

Collected Averyl and Shelby from Brisbane airport then drove home for a short break before attending the first of two appointments to inspect accommodation for Shelby,

Sunday 12th August.

While Averyl and Shelby were inspecting more accommodation options and attending Griffith University Open Day Donnis and I joined the Fun Sports Day. I was kept busy making cappuccino, hot chocolate and chai latte for 34 residents. I seem to have a reputation as a Barista. I made about 50 cups of coffee and some people came back for seconds, a few came back for thirds and one had 4 Chai Lattes. I operated three pod coffee machines and two milk frothers which kept the coffee/chocolate/chai drinkers happy.

Our Social Committee President, Graham sorted us into teams of 4 and had us doing all sorts of strange games which do not require a great deal of physical activity or special skills although quite honestly some people have no skills. I think it was just good luck which was on some teams side. Naah not sour grapes on my side it was all about having fun and we had lots of that.

We charged residents $5 per head for the day. That included as much real coffee as they wanted, muffins, lunch bread rolls and dessert plus of course the games entertainment and prizes of …chocolates of course. In most places you would be lucky to buy a cup of coffee for that price. The Social Committee subsidised the event and we lost $50 on the day. I had budgeted for a bigger loss so our catering skills are getting better.

In the afternoon we drove Averyl & Shelby back to Brisbane Airport.

It has been a busy couple of days.

I have been planning a trip to the north of the state in about two weeks. More details next week.