631. Sunday 22nd July 2018. Where have all the days gone and other Reminiscences …


Well, it has happened again.

  1. I did not publish this blog by Sunday night.
  2. I did not keep daily notes of our activities.
  3. I did not take any photos.
  4. I do not recall with any precision what we did this week.

I do know we did our usual table tennis and we went to the Gold Coast Seniors Expo because, because, well because, at least one of us is a Senior and the other is supportive. What happens at a Seniors Expo? Lots of people who sell or provide some sort of service to Seniors pay money to set up a table and hand out brochures and free pens and small writing pads to people who think they need pens and writing pads. We do.  Gosh, everybody knows that Seniors need a good supply of pens and small writing pads. At least that’s the way it works in our household.

There were lots of stalls telling us all about holiday packages. There were investment people. There were those telling us about the joy and sense of fulfillment you get from Volunteering. There were the chemist shops, hearing aid people, exercise class people, bidet shops, Optometrists, hobbyists, gardeners, mobility scooter vendors and a host of others. There was even a movie theatre chain getting people to join their movie club.

We skipped past the funeral people.

There was also entertainment including a couple of supple curvy ladies dancing to a steel drum band who were playing in the brilliant warm winter sunshine. Inside there were people talking about a product or several and a half hour bracket called Rocking Through the Ages. I quite enjoyed listening to the three piece band playing all the hits to a synchronised video of the original songs while an energetic couple danced their hearts out. Back outside there was free coffee, muffins and even a sausage sizzle, again enjoyed in the brilliant winter sunshine. Inside again for the finale, the drawing of the lucky door prizes, There was a $5,000 Virgin Airlines prize to anywhere their Australian Airlines goes to in Australia. There was a $700 kitchen gadget set and ho- hum, many many boring prizes of a free one years membership to a Probus Club. I was so disappointed not to win something I have always coveted…membership of a Probus Club.

Did I mention the brilliant warm winter sunshine?

In the beginning… This blog was created in August 2001 in the far flung northern Tropical  Queensland mythical  and mystical outpost of Airlie Beach. My very first post began – “In the beginning”, then lay dormant until 2004 when I began again in a slow way until 2005 when I really got serious about a regular blog. It was then I decided I would post every Sunday night come hell or high water. Even while working and even when travelling full time I still managed to keep notes, maintain my photos and publish every Sunday night. Mostly I managed to maintain that output but this year and especially these last couple of weeks I have struggled to maintain that Sunday night deadline. I promise I will do my best to publish on time and keep my notes and photo’s updated every day.

Recently while in Canada fort 8 weeks I still managed to maintain daily notes (diary) and download photos from the camera every day. I posted often, whenever I had access to internet. Sometimes I posted every two days.

I promise to try to do better.

Friday 20th July

My youngest daughter Shelly, turns ++ today. Happy Birthday Shelley.

Donnis has been shuffling around, snuffling and coughing and SNEEZING the last several days.  She is now certain she has a full blown case of the flu. She is going through more tissues than I did when I had a head cold in Canada.

Sunday 22nd July

Donnis has worsened over the last couple of days. She is so sick she wants to see a doctor in the morning.

Readers may recall when back in April this year I was a driver for the Commonwealth Games. I was socially busy, off and on, before, during and after the games. I was especially busy after The Games, as we were due to fly to Canada for 8 weeks. In the final week of April, my trusty 8 year old Toshiba Satellite Laptop died. I had nursed the laptop through several dramas over the years but this was the worst case of failure yet experienced. Amazingly the 240 Gb Solid State Hard Drive was still good. I replaced the hard drive in a borrowed laptop with my hard drive and went to Canada.

Today I thought I would Synchronise my iTunes on my First Generation iPad released in January 2010. Regretably the iPad can no longer be updated but it is still good to use for music and photo slideshows although like all Apple devices it is a pain to upload anything as you have to use iTunes and the convoluted system they call “user friendly”. I realised that the Desktop I want to Synchronise with iTunes is a blank canvas. There is no music, books, photos or anything. First I have to upload to the Desktop, ALL of my music from a backup hard drive. Then I have to recreate all the Playlists, such as Line Dancing Music, Christmas, Rock and Roll, Australian Music, Party Music and so on. Then, once the playlists are created, music has to be transferred from Music to the Playlist. I can only upload music to the iPad, one folder at a time. So every day from today I am going to upload music to iTunes ready to upload to the iPad. This is a task bigger than Ben Hur and will prove to be tiring. That process will fill up my otherwise unoccupied days.


Already it is Wednesday morning of the following week and I still have not published last weeks post and I have not started any notes or diary entries for this week. I will do that later as I am off to Line Dancing first.

]Donnis is still sleeping as she had a rough night with the flu.


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