Day: July 17, 2018

630. Sunday 15th July 2018. A quiet week at home and some more night photography…

For some reason I did not keep daily notes of what we did this week.

I do recall taking Donnis to an eye specialist one afternoon.

Apart from that the weekdays seem like a blur.

Saturday 14th July

While Donnis went to Christmas in July at the Star Casino with friend Glenda I played bowls in a triples event. As usual I am inconsistent but enjoyed the game.

After dinner I rugged up to brave the cold and drove to the wharf at Broadwater Parklands.

140718 southport
Multi purpose wharf at Broadwater Parklands, Fisherpeople, photographers, lovers, families enjoy this location which gives fabulous views across the Broadwater to Marina Mirage and Southport Bridge and Surfers Paradise.
140718 southport1
Broadwater Parklands jetty.
140718 southport9
140718 southport5
Reverse of jetty.

I am experimenting with night time exposure photography.

140718 southport2
The lights change colour inside the sails but the slightest touch on the camera shutter produces a slight blur. In this case it endows the sails with multiple peaks.
140718 southport7
The sails have changed to purple.

Although some of the results are satisfactory I realise that the initial press of the shutter button is enough to cause a little camera shake and creates the tiniest (sometimes not so tiny) out of sharp focus result.

140718 southport3
Southport bridge end of Surfers Paradise.
140718 southport4
140718 southport6
Surfers Paradise

I really need a remote shutter device. I had one but had not used it since…well since a few years ago. When I took it from my bag this week the rubber was perished and the device fell apart in my hands.


140718 southport8
Surfers Paradise.

Sunday 15th July

Donnis is feeling the cold and it causes havoc with her sinuses making her sneeze almost constantly. After lunch we went to Mermaid Beach and sat on a blanket on the sand and watched the world go by just enjoying the warmth and the salty air. The water is clean and clear and an amazing 21.5 degrees.

150718 burleigh
Burleigh Heads from Mermaid Beach
150718 mermaid
Surfing at Mermaid Beach.
150718 mermaid1
Surfers Paradise seen from Mermaid Beach

After dinner I tried a few more time exposure night shots at Biggera Creek in our village park. Tonight really brought home to me why I need the remote shutter cable. Even a gentle touch on the shutter button, causes blurring.

150718 biggera1
I have circle all the camera shake images.

The camera is mounted on a sturdy tripod so I did not expect the results.

150718 biggera
Lands end