Day: July 4, 2018

628. Sunday 1st July 2018. One BIG event this week. We are HOME!!!

Monday 25th June

Our last day in Vancouver. I suppose you could call it a “lay day”.

Basically we didn’t do nuffin.

Well, we did go to Jericho Beach for Poppy the French Bulldog to run around.

After dinner Doug n Linda drove us to Vancouver Airport to begin the process of coming home. Getting  booked on our flight was reasonably easy considering every domestic flight with Air Canada produced unwanted surprises.

Next comes getting through security. There seems to be no easy time for this process. Line up and wait. Remove belt, coins, glasses and mobile phone. Take the laptop out of its snug protective carry bag. Walk through the scanner then find what belongs to you and pack it away again. For the first time since arriving in Canada I have not been called aside for additional checks and questioning. After 15 minutes we are finally in the terminal and find a comfortable seat, near the flight gate and settle down for the 2 hour wait to be called.

The 15 hour flight home was just as I expected. Donnis slept most of the way and I watched 3 movies. While in the aircraft toilet, about 4 hours into the flight I heard a noise like somebody having a fit and heard a thump. I thought it was the adjoining toilet and intended to call the hostess. When I opened the door a woman was on the floor outside the door, passed out and attendants were umm err attending.  Shortly the Captain announced there was a ”medical situation”. Was there a doctor or nurse on the flight? A nurse came from cattle class, just like us while a doctor came from up front, business class. After awhile, they revived the woman and took blood sugar samples and she was helped forward.

We arrived 7.30am and suddenly it was Wednesday morning. We skipped Tuesday. The food on the flight was OK but not something I would order in a restaurant. It was filling, timely and slightly warm – no chance anybody will scald themselves. Same goes for the tea and coffee. Only warm enough so that it can be drunk quickly without much taste. Flavour was something which must have been left on the ground. We were given some French Wine with dinner. I did not like it and thank goodness I had an aisle seat near the toilets. How can coffee be made to taste tasteless? Donnis claims she knows the secret to make it tasty. Dump two of the little Half and Half servings into the coffee. It now tastes even less like coffee but at least has some taste. (Half and Half is a UHT type milk/cream combination much favoured in Canada and the US. They are often called coffee creamers, it can also be purchased fresh in various sizes)minimoo

Home at last. Skytrain to Helensvale then bus to Harbour Town. The bus driver must have been trained in Vancouver! He could not wait for passengers to get to their seats before accelerating and passengers grab for anything to save being thrown along the bus. I walked home, drove the car to collect Donnis and the luggage where she was waiting at Harbour Town bus stop. An hour later I was in bed sleeping the sleep of the innocent. At least for two hours. I guess innocence left while I was sleeping.

Since arriving home we have been to the beach several times and walked on clean white sand in water still around 21° and able to breath the lovely salt laden humid air. My sinuses cleared within a day.

It was a wonderful holiday, visiting family, seeing the sights but it was time to come home. Now we can start looking at local adventures again.

In the meantime we are both still tired.

See you next week.