Day: April 29, 2018

605, Sunday 29th April 2018. Anzac Day, last minute technical drama and packing begins…

This week there is little photographic content to look at.

Instead there is a great deal of wandering narrative about things that go wrong at the last moment.

Some might say, ”lots of ado about nothing”.

Tuesday 24th April

Tomorrow at 5am we begin the Anzac Day Services here at our village.

Today we set up the clubhouse to cater for 81 people who will attend the Anzac Luncheon. As always a small team brought out the folding tables and put them and chairs in place. Tablecloths and flags were set up. Once the clubhouse was looking great we then arranged for 120 chairs to be taken to our cenotaph where we also erected shade shelters. As usual with all this lifting, pulling, pushing and stretching my back yelled out in protest.

Grrr! Another week of bad back will plague me.

Tonight I am wearing a back brace, head pad and have just finished 45 minutes of TENS. That is, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation along with a couple of Panadol should give me a good night’s sleep.

Wednesday 25th April


Well no. I did not get a good night’s sleep. In fact I was almost back pain free but I did set the alarm for 4.45am. Whenever I set an alarm I seem to wake every hour until I am wide awake long before the alarm goes off.

Dawn Service was attended by about 60 people, mostly residents but with a few visitors. One surprise visitor was Christen Bolton our local Gold Coast City Council, councillor.

The birds never fail to wake during the service and fly around and chirp and sing to each other. It adds an extra dimension to the solemn service.

This year marks the final year of Anzac 100 Commemoration reflecting on the spirit and birth of of the Anzacs during the years of global conflict from 1913 to 1918.

I wore my Dad’s medals on my right breast as dictated by military protocol. These are the medals which my father rightfully earned during his service to the Middle East, including Egypt during World War II. Due to Defence Department stoicism for many years they were withheld. Unfortunately dad passed away without ever receiving his medals and they were all but forgotten. I took up the challenge in 2012 to gain those medals, finally receiving them a week after Anzac Day 2017.

As reported last year, I had lost all my military badges and uniforms in a bushfire in 1968. I finally replaced them, after Anzac Day 2017. This year is a fitting milestone to be able to wear Dad’s medals, my service medals and Armoured Corps badges for the first time.

250418 anzac1
Wearing my Dad’s medals on my right breast. My service medals are naturally worn on my left breast. I am also wearing my regimental beret badge and lapel badges. I was a member of A Squadron 2 Cavalry Regiment.

I was a member of A Squadron 1 Cavalry Regiment, based at Holsworthy NSW until, due to a paper shuffling exercise eartly in 1967 a new regiment was created so that the name did not conflict or become confused with a US Armoured Corps unit also named A Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment. Without even a ceremony to recognise the changes we were suddenly A Squadron 2 Cavalry Regiment. Our unit did go to Vietnam on active service while at the same time the US 1st Cav unit was based there. Although our unit had seniority of years of formation, the US unit had seniority of ranking. We had to change our unit name.

We also at that time took on a Wedge Tail Eagle as our mascot and the unit badge reflects that change by showing a regimental lance clutched in the talons of an eagle.2nd_Cavalry_Regiment_cap_badge Previously our badges were simply the Australian Armoured Corps and did not directly signify our unit. The original eagle mascot, known as Trooper Courage has passed away as indeed have subsequent Trooper Courage replacements. Trooper Courage is still part of 2 Cav now based in Townsville.

The 11am Service had 120 attendees. This time with a larger number of visitors, some relatives of residents but a surprising number were guests of the Treasure Island Holiday Park next door. In addition to our local councillor, our elected member of State Parliament for the seat of Bonney, Sam Connor also attended. At the end of the service we were surprised by a lone Piper who played a number of tunes on bagpipes.

Our planned luncheon got off on time. The caterers, Spit Roast Company,   continue to provide a great meal, great service and quick pack up and unobtrusive staff. We always get compliments about the, tastiness, quantity and quality of the food. Afterwards we played two up…with paper money of course.

Getting things ready for our holiday means preparing a computer notebook.

I went to turn on my Toshiba Satellite L500 Laptop but nothing happened. Several times nothing happened.

Gulp! I need info from the 10 year old Satellite laptop to set up on the little 6 year old Toshiba Notebook. This is a disaster so close to starting our holiday.

Thursday 26th April.

I called in Affordable Geeks    because I know this is a hardware and not a software problem. His diagnosis was what I expected. The motherboard is cooked but the SSHDD and the RAM are both still OK. We transferred those pieces of hardware to the Notebook which boosted the speed slightly but here we ran into a new problem.

The wireless connection will not umm err connect. For that matter neither will the Ethernet connect. The geek suggested I buy a USB WiFi connector. I did but it requires either internet connection or a CD drive to set up. I have neither on the Notebook.

I went onto the HP Desktop computer and downloaded the USB WiFi driver to a thumb drive then connected it to the Notebook. I now have the driver installed but it will still not connect to WiFi or Ethernet. I called partial guru geek friend, Val. We discussed the problem and tried seven hundred ways to connect the USB WiFi. None worked.

Sigh! We gave up in disgust.

Thanks for your help and support Val.

Saturday 28th April

I returned the WiFi dongle and got my money back. Donnis then suggested we use a laptop we are minding for Peter. In the laptop bag I found a Toshiba Satellite Laptop which weighs about 4 Kg and is too big and heavy to take with us. In a cushioned bag beneath the laptop I found a slim Asus laptop with a 13 inch screen and SSHDD and eureka, a WiFi connection! It only weighs 1.3Kg and has a lightning fast RAM. It is perfect for travelling. I spent a few hours this afternoon charging the battery and setting up internet favourites I will need while travelling. This is the perfect solution and my only regret is we did not think of this sooner.

Hmmm! I wonder if I switch the SSHDD originally from my Satellite, now in the Notepad into the Asus…

Sunday 29th April

It was a mistake helping to move tables and chairs and set up tents and lift and pull heavy stuff and use a vacuum cleaner in preparation for Anzac Day. I knew at the time I should have known the outcome. My back protested and continues to protest this morning. Actually it protesting louder this morning. I had better pack some pain killers and my back brace. I suppose I could find room for the TENS machine as well.

Just a lot of last minute preparation and beginning to pack today. Really, packing is relatively quick when you know what you want to pack. In our case we are running through different climactic zones and will have to pack some cold weather clothes as well as more early summer clothes. After all we will be arriving in Spring but in some places the lakes are still frozen over.


Only two more sleeps until we fly out of Brisbane International Airport bound for our first destination, Vancouver, Canada.

Posts over the next several weeks will be spasmodic depending on WiFi availability and whatever adventures we are having. Posts may be weekly as usual, they may be every day or even every two or three days.

Expect to see lots of photos.

We also expect our plans to change to places a bit out of the way. Although we have an itinerary we are flexible and will be open to opportunities.