Day: March 13, 2018

597. Sunday 11th march 2018. Rain, skin cancer, driver training and a quiet week indoors…


The week begins and ends with rain.

Some very heavy rain at times.

At other times the rain comes scudding, pushed along by strong winds and finding its way under eaves and verandah overhangs. It even finds its way into an open window normally sheltered by an awning.

They have had so much rain up north there is flooding around Townsville and Cairns and places between and to the west.

All this wet weather has messed up any plans I had for this week. Some people say it is unseasonal and part of climate change and we should be concerned. Climate change may be real but it will not change warm and sunny to cold and snow overnight. In fact there was a night of cool where we needed an empty quilt cover on the bed. A quilt cover is equivalent to  two sheets.

Not two blankets!

Two sheets!

Besides somewhere during the night we kicked off the quilt cover and sought the comfort of a sheet, which itself became a little over warm. Summer has not yet deserted us but autumn is just around the corner and will be here soon enough.

Finally after a little agitation via emails I received a reply to say Commonwealth Games Driver Training will resume. I was surprised when I turned up to find the new round of training has been going on for several days. So, at last, the driver App has been released for us to work with. However amongst the excitement and hurrah we were informed it still has a few bugs. A few bugs? Yes. For example in the Map mode on the screen there is an arrow to say turn left. That arrow is not for the next turn. That arrow is for the next turn after that. Somehow we have to be pro-active and anticipate the next turn and not rely on the GPS. Sigh!

Apart from that and a few minor bugs the App is well thought through and will a useful tool. Although I am comfortable with the training I have booked in another session next week.

Did I mention that one of the two drivers in our household had a small accident last week?

We submitted an insurance claim and took the i30 to the panel beaters for repair. They assessed the damage took the keys and said it would be ready by next Monday. They organised a cab to take us to Hertz Rent A car where we were given a new i30 for the next week. What do I like about the new i30? A bigger motor with more get up and go. The driving lights come on automatically. There is a big 7 inch dash screen with all the radio data, GPS, reversing camera, Android Auto for full connection of all features on your mobile phone. What don’t I like? The console cover is not a solid lock and wobbles when I rest my forearm on it and when you take the key out of the ignition the radio does not turn off until you open the door. This car did not have weather shields fitted unlike our car which has it on all four windows. In rain I can open our windows about 40 mm without rain coming in. With the new model you cannot even open the window 1mm before rain comes in.

Donnis and I both had Skin Clinic appointments. She had one rather large cancer removed with about 10 stitches. I had three biopsies carried out. I get my results next week and no doubt some surgery as well.