Day: March 5, 2018

596. Sunday 4th March 2018. Heat and humidity in Autumn…


Friday 2nd March

Every Friday Donnis attends an art appreciation and encouragement morning which doubles as a social gathering at a neighbours house. Sometimes as many as a dozen people turn up, including me. Mostly they turn up for the social gathering as I do. My art is in my photos so  select about 20 photos on my ancient iPad and hand it around as they have coffee and cake.

Saturday 3rd March

Where has the year gone?

Summer was here (and still is according to the outside temperature) and all our plans for going to the beach and surfing have all but dissolved. We managed to get to the beach a dozen times but life has a way of getting in the way of plans.  Hmmm! I think John Lennon may have said something like that once upon a time.

According to the calendar it is now autumn but the weather still feels like summer. The Commonwealth Games are rushing up at us and our overseas holiday is getting closer.

In a little over two weeks I am rostered to begin driving for the Commonwealth Games. I now have my uniform and accreditation pass which is designed to provide identification and access to most venues especially those requiring security clearance.

Today I attended what is called Venue Specific Training at the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village. Wow! What a place. The accommodation part of the village is complete. The main dining hall is complete as is several other buildings. Many of the temporary facilities are housed in large tents which in themselves look quite attractive. The landscaping is still being carried out and an area known as The Backyard including a huge water feature are all but complete. The athletes and officials will have some nice areas to relax and socialise. There are games rooms, Internet rooms, multi denominational prayer room, main dining hall and smaller specialist food areas. There is a medical centre and x-ray facilities. Each competing nation has its own space for officials, team meetings and even their own medical facilities. Depending on the size of the team they may have to share with another nation. There is a gymnasium, ice bath facilities and steam rooms and lap pools. In fact there are 4 pools in the complex. For those athletes still wanting to burn off a bit of nervous energy there is a walking track.

The accommodation will house about 7,000 athletes. I was part of the morning session of 300 people being shown around. There is another 5 sessions booked in over the next two days. We were asked not to take photos as the Games organisers want to keep the facilities a surprise until opening day on 20th March. I was too busy with the tour to even consider taking photos but several people did.

Unfortunately the tour did not include any advice on the next driver training sessions. Training was delayed waiting on the release of a mobile phone App which will be capable of booking all jobs for the day and specific pick-up and drop off instructions and a special Google Maps designed for The Games. I am keen to use and learn this App so early training will be instrumental in delivering quality drivers.

Still waiting.

Sunday 4th March

Today was hot with humidity of about 92%.

For the past few days weather forecasters have warned us about thunderstorms and rain. Both seem to miss us entirely. While watching the TV and the reporter is showing heavy rain somewhere on the Gold Coast to the south or somewhere between here and Brisbane we got nothing. That can be a good or a bad thing.

To escape the humidity we went to the movies or “pictures” as we used to call them when I was a kid. Now we have adopted the American name. We went to Australia Fair as we can park in the shade of a multi-story carpark and walk a short distance to the theatre. The cinema complex has one of the cheapest ticket prices anywhere on the coast. For that matter anywhere. $10 each.

We saw the movie Game Night which is a black comedy and is full of shocks, surprises, sniggers, snickers, chortles, guffaws and laughs. Well worth going to see, especially if you want to escape the heat and humidity for a few hours.

Or escape the cold if you live in the northern hemisphere.

Or just looking for a good laugh.