582. Sunday 17th December 2017. A Christmas Dinner…

Monday 11th December

I now have my work schedule as a driver for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Apart from training sessions in January and February I will be driving dignitaries, officials  athletes and their families in March and April.

Friday 15th December

Planning for our Christmas and New Year continues but nothing has yet been set in concrete. Will we fly to Sydney and possibly to Melbourne or will we simply drive to Sydney?  If we drive will we go the extra couple of thousand Klms to Melbourne and beyond at the hottest most humid time of the year when people and school children are on holidays and bullet proof teenagers with a new licence are just discovering booze and drugs before they start work? This is not my favourite time of year for long distance driving.

Our friends Tony and Dawn from Port Macquarie called in on their way to Mackay. We enjoyed a lovely lunch right here in our villa before waving them goodbye on the next leg of their journey.

Saturday 16th December

Once again we filled an entire week of doing something in and around the house which did not involve travel.

The village social committee, of which I am a member, have planned a Christmas Dinner here in our clubhouse. Tonight was the night. Dinner was catered for by The Spit Roast catering Company   http://goldcoastcatering.com.au/   . This is the second time this year they have catered for us. They are professional and provide good food, with good servings and sufficient for seconds along with dessert. They bring everything themselves then pack up and are gone and leaving us to get on with our night. We had 80 people arrive for dinner, while not a record, the numbers are on the increase after a lull in the last few years.

We had a great night of good food, good company, good music, singing and dancing and was a Christmas dinner the way a dinner should be.


161217 clubhouse
Sometimes I think I need some sort of help when changing settings on the camera. I set the camera to indoors night setting with flash. I forgot to return the camera back to “camera” mode. All my photos were taken in settings mode. Grrr! they are either washed out with too much light or unfocussed.

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