575. Sunday 29th October 2017. Storms, kitchen workshop, finance seminar and driving for the Commonwealth Games…

Monday 23rd October

A big storm passed through on its way to annoy people somewhere else. We got the thunder, lightning, rain and some of the wind and a huge drop in temperature. Other places got a much stronger wind, drenching rain and damaging hailstones. This was just an entrée, a taste, of what is in store this summer. We even needed a blanket on the bed tonight.

Tonight we went to Bunnings for their Kitchen Workshop. We even went on line two weeks ago and booked our place. Basically it was a bit ho hum, boring. Few of the presenters used a microphone and when they did it was only on low volume, the store background music was louder as were the people chatting behind us. A few people explained what they do. One tradesman showed us how to put together a Kaboodle kitchen cabinet. He explained how all the pieces are pre drilled and all hardware is included. He could not put it together and in fact cut his hand trying to force a fit.

Hmmm! Not impressed so far.

A chef was demonstrating a few recipes and handed out the results. He was never given much opportunity to explain what he was doing. We were then invited to look at their kitchen display which basically was a Kaboodle night with one other supplier from Blanco Sinks. We won a Blanco double sink.


Once we got it home we discovered it is an undermount sink and has no drainage tracks. As the name implies it is mounted under the benchtop and is usually mounted on a granite or concrete or marble bench top.


Grrr! It is no use to us.

Anybody want a Blanco Undermount Double Sink valued at $469 at a real good price?

Tuesday 24th October.

Went to Bunnings today to discuss plans for a new kitchen and asked if I get a new kitchen from them would they agree to exchange my double sink for something more practical.


Wednesday 25th October

Now for something different.

We drove to Fairfield in Brisbane where we parked i30 and caught a bus into the centre of Brisbane. Back in 2013 when we were house sitting at Fairfield we would often park the car at Fairfield Gardens shopping centre and catch the bus into town. It was convenient for us then and convenient again today. It was preferable to driving into the city and paying $10 or even $20 per hour for parking.

We had been invited to a “Seminar” luncheon at The Black Bird Restaurant

251017 black
The Black Bird Restaurant

which is located on the Brisbane River with fantastic views of the river and Story Bridge.251017 black1

On our way from the bus stop to Eagle Street I had to stop and admire The Manor Apartment Hotel. 251017 manorWhen completed in 1931, built from local Brisbane Tuff, the Heritage listed Manor was Brisbane’s tallest building and remains today one of Brisbane’s magnificent landmark buildings. The heritage listed building with it’s gargoyles (actually the gargoyles look more like owls251017 manor1 while below are lions) 251017 manor2and elegant bronze semi-circular windows overlooking Queen St. and the adjoining heritage Post Office is considered today as one of Brisbane’s finest historic landmarks. The superbly constructed building looks as good today as the day it was constructed. It is easy to stop and look around Brisbane and find history amid the bustling crowds most of whom never look at what is around them.

The Black Bird Restaurant accommodated about 200 guests of the NAB Financial Services team. How we managed to score an invite is still a mystery to us but nevertheless we enjoyed our afternoon watching the world of the Brisbane River passing by.

251017 ferry
One of three types of ferry plying the Brisbane River. First there is the super fast big catamaran type ferries, then this slower old style chug chug chug serving those places where the big cats cannot dock and finally the smaller chug chug chug which just seems to go backwards and forwards to the other side of the river as far as Southbank

One of the speakers said there is no such thing as a free lunch so we had to listen to him. He is an economist and mentioned the biggest threat to the world economy was… he then flashed a picture of Donald Trump. That got a good laugh although the point made was serious. Actually, both speakers were quite interesting. The food was exceptional and the beer, wine and champagne flowed freely up until the lunch plates were cleared away. Coffee and dessert was a lower standard as by now they were waiting to clear the tables to prepare for dinner.

251017 customs
Brisbane Customs House

After leaving the restaurant we walked back to the bus stop and finally getting back in i30 we suddenly found ourselves in the  peak hour carpark which is also known as the M1. Imagine four lanes of traffic creeping and stopping all wanting to get home before the second peak hour wave began at 5.30pm.

Sunday 29th October

We sold the Blanco Double Sink on Gumtree.

I received confirmation that I am to attend a training session for the Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast Convention Centre. I have been accepted as a driver for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. My base will be the Games Village and driving athletes and or officials to and from the village to wherever they are competing.

Hmmm! That could be a challenge if I have to drive the M1 carpark in peak hour traffic.

The games commence in April 2018.


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