571. Sunday 1st October 2017. A long drive home, Kombis and moving…

Monday 25th September.

While in Sydney we took the opportunity to visit Aunt Gwen at her flat in Redfern. She still looks so young and her mind is sharp. She has now completed a self- imposed project of converting all her collection of 500 DVD’s to her computer hard drive. I do not know too many people who could even contemplate such a task let alone somebody approaching her 94th birthday.

After morning tea we headed to La Perouse to visit friends Geoff and Margaret. Geoff is never still, always working on a new project around the house. Either that or he does lots of internet research. As usually is the case we swap ideas and discuss new computer projects we are exploring.

After leaving La Perouse (Noting it was now peak hour traffic time and pondering how we let a window of time slip away) we struggled with the Sydney traffic all wanting to be somewhere in the general direction we wanted to be. By the time we reached Gymea it was almost time for dinner. We all chose grilled Barramundi at Miranda RSL.

Tuesday 26th September

We started the long journey home and managed to get away at what is usually a safe time to avoid Sydney peak hour traffic. By and large that was mostly true. We picked up the Sydney Harbour Tunnel which joined the Lane Cove River tunnel which became the M2. We exited at Beeecroft and joined Pennant Hills Road. For some reason the traffic (mostly trucks) was still in peak hour mode here and we inched our way towards the M1 at Wahroonga. For those not familiar with the Sydney M1, it begins at Wahroonga on the north side of Sydney and runs all the way through to Beresfield, near Newcastle, 127 Klms away. The speed limit is mostly 110 KPH except for one stretch up a steep hill leaving the Hawksbury River. Here the speed is reduced to 90 KPH and all those cars I passed at 110 KPH are now passing me as I drive at the speed limit.


To join the MI means travelling along either Pennant Hills road battling the 12 hours of peak hour traffic or the Pacific Highway with a similar traffic problem. I spoke with Sydney Roads Authority who confirmed they are building a tunnel from the Wahroonga exit to link up with the M2 at West Pennant Hills. This they believe will take 5,000 trucks, per day off Pennant Hills Road. The tunnel should be completed by July 2019.

After leaving the M1 and joining the Pacific Highway we travelled to Heatherbrae where we stopped for a traditional Heatherbrae Pies lunch.

We arrived at Forster in the early afternoon. We have not seen my brother Allan and his wife Rae for 12 months so this was an opportunity to catch up and ogle their new Avida Motorhome.


Wednesday 27th September.

After breakfast at the Barefoot Café on Fosters main beach we were away again. Foster has a 2 minute peak hour problem on weekday mornings but we left late enough to avoid the quiet rush.

Hee Hee Hee!

We drove all the way through to Ulmarra and had lunch at the Ulmarra Hotel on the bank of the Clarence River.270917 hotel Parked in the streets around the pub were about a dozen VW Kombis in various stages of restoration, 270917 kombi3270917 kombi2270917 kombi1some immaculately so.270917 kombi Perhaps they were on their way to or from a Kombi Rally. Unfortunately their group was leaving just as we were arriving so never had a chance to ask.

We arrive home well after dark to find a family friend, Iain looking to stay with us a few days.

All tired.


Thursday 28th September

On the road again. This time to Brisbane to pack up house for Donnis son Peter. All the furniture, bedding, clothes, electronics, garage stuff, everything a normal household collects has to be sorted and packed and a removalist to quote.

Saturday 30th September

Today Iain joined us to continue packing and sorting. TV’s had to be taken down off the wall mountings. The sound system dismantled and speakers packed away. Then we began on the garage while Donnis sorted the bedroom and kitchen.

Still a lot to be done as the sale settles on 16th.

Sunday 1st October.

Today is a lay day with just “doin nuffin”,

Besides, the Rugby League Grand Final is being played tonight and the fairy tale team of the North Queensland Cowboys are playing the form team all season, the Melbourne Storm. I know the Cowboys have played with heart to reach this game but it is a forlorn hope they win. They are the crowds sentimental favourites and mine too. I just have a niggling doubt they can win.

Cowboys lost 34 – 6.

Boo Hoo.


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