558. Sunday 18th June 2017. A model, a long walk a beach walk and a head cold…

Thursday 15th June

It has rained all week. On Sunday I left a bucket on a table in our back yard. The bucket is almost full. Weather reports state we have had about 300mm of rain this week. My bucket gauge supports that information.

The sun has been allowed to make brief appearances through the cloud today. Those brief appearances are important. First I was able to get a load of washing on the line and dried. More importantly it was an opportunity to get out of the house for a wind in the hair and salt air in the nostrils experience at the beach.

As I arrived at The Spit the sun broke through the clouds and shone on what I thought was a navigation beacon out of place.

I saw this model in the distance and enjoyed lots of poses.

Those building in the distance are on The Broadwater at Lands end.

Nope. It was a photo shoot with a professional model, lovely gown, flowers, hairdresser, wardrobe stylist, photographer and director. Whew! All I had was me. The sun shone just long enough to fire off almost thirty photos. Then the sun took the rest of the day off. Still the results were great so I selected the best half dozen.

Photo shoots are wonderful especially here on the Gold Coast with so many attractive background locations. Sometimes I stumble across a shoot and can get my own photos. Shoots are good in that they are not a closed set but do have several people involved often with more than one photographer. Movie shoots on the other hand are usually a closed set with lots of security. Much of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie were shot here on the coast in 2015/2016 and all locations were closed.

Despite the unpleasant weather and the confused seas I still managed this great photo of the beach, the ocean, the sand pumping station and Surfers Paradise in the background.
This sand pumping station has a small kiosk at the land entrance and charges a 42 entry fee to allow a walk to the end. Fishermen enjoy the opportunity.

Friday 16th June

I drove to Southport Surf Life Saving Club and parked i30. Then, armed with camera I set off to walk to Surfers Paradise for no other reason than I wanted to, It is a 3.2 Klm walk both ways. About halfway to Surfers I noticed what appeared to be a strange dark coloured, rounded hill in the distance where there has not been a hill previously.

Sand pumping ship and the brown hill it created.

The day was overcast with threatening rain and a strong southerly wind so visibility was a bit limited. As I got closer realised there was a ship where there ought not be a ship. It was spouting a huge dark arc of…sand and water slurry.

You can see the sand particles suspended in the spray.

It is being thrown towards the beach. There is a distinct lack of information about this particular sand pumping ship but locals say it arrived yesterday and began pumping sand around the Miami Beach area. Within 10 minutes of me taking photos the ship stopped pumping, moved offshore and gradually moved further north to begin another pump to bring sand off the sandbars and to build up the beach.

The sand is ejected out of this 25mm pump.

I stopped at Hogs Breath Café for a lunch of Flathead fillets and a cold beer before walking 3.2 Klms back to the car.

It was enjoyable but I really felt the effort after I arrived home. I need to keep the walks to build up my stamina.

Sunday 18th June

Maybe I have overdone it

Went for another long walk, this time along Southport Beach.

I know its winter. It’s not summer, it’s not spring. Judging by the number of people on the beach a lot of them think it is still summer. It was a glorious day to be on the beach.

Perhaps I have taxed my capabilities to the limit and my resistance to infection is severely limited.

Feel terrible tonight.

I think I have a blocked node and a hed gode.




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