549. Sunday 23rd April 2017. Sore knees, sore back and Rugby League but they are not related…

Monday 17th April

Hmmm! I hurt my back yesterday while standing up after sitting in a chair. Although quite painful I thought it would be OK this morning.

Nope! No better, perhaps a little worse.

Sunday 23rd April

This week I have been resting my back. NO bike riding, no table tennis, no bowls, no line dancing. Not lifting anything heavier than a cold beer.

Rugby League season is in full swing. Today we drove to Springwood to watch grandson Chris play schoolboy Rugby League.

230417 tackle
Chris is also a good tackler.

Sitting there in the Junior Rugby League grounds I must say I was impressed by the facilities and could not help making comparisons with when I played the game.

230417 running
Chris being tackled. He is probably the tallest boy on the field with the biggest feet and lanky but powerful legs. The opposition always find it difficult to tackle him.

For a start the number of parents who make the effort to support their boys by attending games and helping in the canteen

The canteen? We never had a canteen.

In fact we had to walk to the football fields in our game clothes carrying our footy boots. Then walk home after the game. There were no showers. No electronic scoreboard. No shaded seating area. No canteen.

No trainers. No training. No medical staff. No water person. No linesperson. Nobody to collect the soiled jersey and shorts to take away and have them cleaned for the next game. Nobody to take statistics. No advertising on jersey’s.

No mums and dads to support us. Usually the teachers from the opposing team schools would co-operatively act as referees and linesperson and timekeeper and coach.

We simply showed up for the game at the appointed time and place, played the game and walked home, then put away our gear (after mum washed it) until the following week.

So, on reflection it is good to note that each year brings progressive improvements to the game, the facilities and the support services. Especially the support services.

Chris team won – narrowly.

230417 team
A happy team. A win is a win but considering they expected it would be an easy win they were a bit shell shocked. Photo credits this week goes to Chris mothe,r Regelyn Dizon, using my Panasonic Lumix FZ 200..
230417 scoreboard
Lucky to escape with a win.

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