548. Sunday 16th April 2017. A quiet week with a birthday and walks along the beach…

Wednesday 12th April

Happy Birthday Donnis.

Wow! No lunch or dinner at an expensive restaurant.

No trip in a limousine to see a stage show in Brisbane.

No visit to see a first release at a movie theatre.

No flight over the Gold Coast in a helicopter.

No bath in champagne.

No specially baked and iced birthday cake.

No expensive piece of jewellery.

I did make her a cup of tea – twice.

I made breakfast but she had to get out of bed to eat it.

Other than that it was just another day.

Love you.


Thursday 13th April

We went for a walk along the shore of The Broadwater as we usually do. Donnis had a swim in The Lagoon.(Remember it is mid- Autumn with Winter fast approaching but the weather is still good enough for a swim.)

130417 arriving
The Lagoon on the Broadwater is a popular spot for tourists. Families and overseas visitors enjoy the safe water and the barbecue and playground facilities. The Seagulls and Pelicans also enjoy the free fish lunch, every day, when Charis Seafoods gives out all the offcuts from their fish filleting and cleaning. A veritable frenzy takes place at the same time every day. The seabirds start arriving an hour before. The tourist buses arrive about the same time.

I on the other hand took photos of some boats on The Broadwater.

There are a number of live aboard boats here.


130417 home
One of many live aboard boats moored around The Broadwater.Enlarge the photo to see what the well eqipped libve aboard looks like.

Some of those boats are still afloat thanks to the power of imagination. Some are in the later stages of rotting apart.

130417 rot
This live aboard has seen better days…..many many days ago. Note the rotting timbers along the deck line.

130417 rot1

In November 2015 I reported on a small covered catamaran owned and used by Commando Knights Australia. This group likes to dress in camouflage outfits and use camouflage canoes and spend weekends together in the small catamaran with no windows. At that time they flew the Israeli Flag, the US Flag, the Australian Flag and the Australian Ensign.

201115 warriors
This was the Commando Knights boat in 2015

They often played paintball games on the bottom end of South Stradbroke Island. Here there were mangroves, thick shrubbery and sandhills to hide and play commandos. Now the family/group have built a much larger covered catamaran, again with no windows. Maybe the family/group is getting larger.

130417 warriors
This is what the new Commando Knights new catamaran looks like beached beside the older boat. Still the same basic design of no windows and only one entrance. It seems they now only fly the Israeli Flag and the Aboriginal Flag.

Friday 14th April

In the morning our village had a Hot Cross Bun morning tea in our clubhouse. About 50 residents turned up to enjoy hot Hot Cross Buns lathered in butter and enjoy an hour of social interaction.

We even had an Easter Egg Hunt. Imagine lots of people over the age of 55 searching for Easter Eggs and being 5 again.

Today we walked along the beach to the north of Surfers Paradise.

140417 skyline
Surfers Paradise late afternoon sunset.

The erosion of the sandhills is a stark reminder of the tidal surge associated with Cyclone Debbie.

140417 sand
Beach erosion.

Although we only faced the tail end of Debbie there was still plenty of power in the sting of the tail. Flooding occurred throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. Huge seas were whipped up and tore sand away from the sandhills. For the first time in over two years when we have wandered along this same shoreline there were small rocks exposed on the beach.

Sunday 16th April.

Dunno what I did but I am suffering from huge lower back pain. I suspect when standing up after using the laptop I stood and turned too quickly and at an unusual angle.Sitting at the laptop is most uncomfortable despite ingesting 1,000 Mg of Paracetamol combined with 30Mg of Codeine. The only relief is when I sit in my Recliner chair with either a heated beanbag or a hooked up to a TENS Machine. At least I am catching up on recorded back up episodes of Mythbusters.



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