543. Sunday 12th March 2017. Relaxing at home OR working at keeping this blog up to date…

Sunday 12th March 2017

It is a little over two weeks since we arrived home from our cruise to Penang New Guinea.

My camera has been silent since the cruise. I can hear its muffled cries from the carry bag. “take me out, take me out, I need to be used, I need to take photos, I can’t breathe”. It’s not that I am deliberately ignoring camera but we have been busy since arriving home.

Busy with what exactly?


Busyness and time work together as opponents to rob you of one or the other.

Busyness robs you of time to do anything or plan to do something.

Time robs you of leisure to do something.

One of the biggest Busyness which robbed me of time is trying to get the blog about our trip to PNG up to date.

Really it has been an almost constant labour of love. I mean that, I love doing the blog but it is labour intensive.

Firstly, let me explain the text.

I wrote a daily diary on board ARIA but those notes were really the skeletal framework for the meat of detail and research to be added later. Detail often came from the daily Newsletter from The Bridge of Pacific Aria.

Research I could only do when we came home. Internet was available onboard but the cost in dollars was very high. Besides we were on holiday and did not want to spend our days on the internet.

I took well over 1,000 photos and catalogued them in day by day folders. Once I was home I selected what I thought were the best photos to tell the story of our travels. That meant I would sometimes have to view up to 200 photos several time to select those I though best. Those photos then needed editing by cutting and cropping, reducing file size and naming. Once the text was uploaded to the blog page, the photos were then uploaded and they take longer than text. Once uploaded the photos are given a caption describing what the photo was about.

Once that was completed I had to marry the photo to the text so the photo fitted with the story.

Tags or keywords were added to the post then a final review of the entire page looking for spelling errors, grammatical errors, incorrect spacing and so on. After all that was complete could the page be “Published” to the Internet.

The first two pages that were published did not automatically appear on Facebook so that took some time and investigation to sort out.

I enjoyed working on the text, photos and layout and hope readers benjoyed the result.

Next week appears to be a stay at home and relax or help the residents with their phone, tablet, laptop and TV issues.

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