529. Sunday 22nd January 2017. Another quiet week…sort of…

Friday 20th January

All this week most of the Eastern States have sweltered under heatwave conditions.


Yeah! Especially in the outback, where temps have been 40° plus every day. It is a dry heat and often with an even hotter drier wind blowing in off the desert. At night temperatures plummet.

On the coastal fringe and slightly inland temps get up to 38° and usually have no dry wind and humidity is around 85%

Right on the coast we have had high temps of 31° and even 32° with humidity levels at 93%. (Temps like 31 and 32 degrees to me do not mean heatwave but the news people delight in throwing that word around).

We say “isn’t it hot?” Yes, it is but the humidity makes it feel hotter so we complain. Most days we have had a delightful cool sea breeze helping to keep us if not comfortable at least not uncomfortable. At night the breeze disappears and the night-time temp drops to 28° and humidity stays at 85%. Still we spare a thought for those people further west and living and working in temps 10° hotter with no sea breeze.

Sister Enid and husband Ken dropped in for the night to break their journey from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney. It was wonderful to have them visit brief though it was.

A storm rolled in after dinner. Ken and I stood on our verandah watching the magical, scary, constant display of lightning and the heavy rain which came with it.

On a sad note today, a crazed driver ran down and killed 5 pedestrians in Melbourne and put another 20 people in hospital, several of them in critical condition. The man was already on bail for another offence last week. Before going on his rampage he stabbed his brother, beat his 76 year old stepfather, stole his car then beat his girlfriend and threw her out of the car. Some sleazy solicitor will be appointed and try to get him released back into the community again. OR Try to have any case thrown out of court due to the man’s mental state. Meanwhile there are 5 dead and probably more to come

Saturday 21st January

The rain continued overnight and temps dropped and stayed down around 24° for most of the day. A blustery southerly wind was blowing and we took a walk along main beach. The busloads of Asian tourists were standing on the edge of the water (sometimes immersed in it) while they took happy snaps of probably the first time they have visited the ocean in their lives.210117-tourists210117-tourists1

Kite surfers were in their element pulling off stunts as they were blown airborne above the waves. I love watching them.210117-kite1210117-kite2210117-kite

There was so much wind driven salt haze in the air it quickly coated the camera lens as well as simply filling the air. Everything took on a look as if being viewed through gauze.

Sunday 22nd January

Looking forward to the coming weeks as we have lots planned. BIG travel plans.


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