523. Sunday 11th December 2016. A Christmas rant,a village lunch and lost in routine…

Forgive me Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 200 for it has been two weeks since my last photo.

( I can hear the muffled cries from the FZ200 as it tries to shout from the camera case. “Take me out, take me out. I will let you take photos of anything if you will just take me out of this bag”.)

OK OK you have been a good little camera. If you continue to behave I will see what I can do this week.

Tuesday 6th December

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Colourful lights are being strung up on houses here in the village and colourful cards keep finding their way into the letterbox.

The village social committee arranged a Christmas lunch complete with entertainers.

At 12.30am we collected Alecia from Brisbane airport and our first task of the day was to go to bed and get a few hours sleep.


Wake in time for the Christmas Lunch.

Hmmm! What happened to those two bottles of wine? Did we really drink all that between three of us while eating lunch, singing and dancing?

It was a fun afternoon and sleep caught up again in the early evening.

Wednesday 7th December

Boo Hoo Sob Sob.

I drove Donnis and Alecia to Coolangatta Airport. They are flying to Sydney and then on to Wollongong for the next two weeks to visit with Errol.

Thursday 8th December

A few weeks ago at Post 519 I had a minor rant about being able to buy Aussie Crab Meat. Failing that I wanted to at least be able to get crab meat from NZ, USA, Canada or Norway.

Well today I went shopping for groceries as I usually do and as I usually do I check labels for

  1. An Australian owned company
  2. Wholly grown and packed Produce of Australia

On today’s expedition I went to Coles Supermarket. For our overseas readers Coles is Australia wide (but is not represented in the smaller rural communities) and is probably the largest supermarket chain in Oz.

First up I wanted Pink Salmon. I have been conditioned over the years, since I was a child,  to Ally brand. It was usually a wild caught salmon from USA or Canada. Today it comes from China!!! So did all the other well- known brands including an Australian brand, SAFCOL (South Australia Fisherman’s Co-Operative Limited.) You have to wonder when a brand trading on an Aussie iconic name has fish sourced in Asia. Surprise, surprise. Coles own label has wild caught salmon from…Alaska.

I looked for Olives and Sundried Tomatoes. I could not find any from Australia. Italy, yes, Spain yes, China yes, but none from Australia.

Canned Beetroot was next on the list. I had trouble finding any from Australia but surprise, surprise, Coles own brand is Australian grown and canned.

A packet of biscuits from a Proudly Owned Australian company – Greens. Made in Australia from Local AND Imported ingredients.

Arnotts Biscuits probably the premier biscuit maker in Australia for over 100 years. Made in Australia from local Ingredients. But… Arnotts were sold to an American company a few years ago so although the jobs of employees and farm workers are kept in Australia the profits go offshore.

Campbells Soup. An American company. Proudly announces “Made in Australia” but declines to mention where the produce comes from.

SPC Baked Beans. A proud Aussie company for many years with Australian logos all over the can. They also claim Made in Australia but fail to mention where the produce comes from.

Bacon. With hundreds of packages and a dozen brands to choose from it is only when you read the fine print do you realise that it is made from Imported Pork. Only one brand, a small Australian company, Bertocci Brothers, announces, proudly, the bacon is made from Australian Pork. I discovered an Organic Butcher at Paradise Point who only sells bacon made from Australian Pork.

Vegemite. That great Aussie icon is made in Australia but is made by an American owned company, Kraft. They also fail to state where the ingredients are sourced from.

Capelano Honey that great well known Aussie icon. Packed in Australia from Local AND Imported honey. Often their local honey is blended with honey from China so there is no real Aussie home grown honey from this mob. There are other honey producers who proudly announce they are an Australian company and only use Australian sourced honey. Best place for real Aussie honey are the markets, farmers markets and organic markets.

Sultanas. One brand, Sunbeam, known from my childhood proudly proclaims themselves as an Australian Company and the Sultanas are grown and packed in Australia.

Prunes. I could not find any prunes grown and packed in Australia. Even the USA famous brand gets their prunes from Chile. Others come from China.

Saxa Salt. Australian grown company since 1911. Australian produce and packed in Australia.

Uncle Toby’s Oats. An iconic Australian company for over 100 years, owned by Nestle a Swiss Company. My favourite Oat Flakes contains no added sugars or salt. Made in Australia from Local AND Imported ingredients.

Golden Circle another famous Aussie icon, originally made famous for Pineapple Juice made in Australia from Local pineapples. Now it is made in Australia from Local AND Imported ingredients.

The list goes on and on. It is difficult to find an wholly owned Australian company which grows and or makes wholly Australian products. This list is by no means comprehensive but just an indicator of how hard it is to find and support Australian companies and support Australian farmers and producers.

Here is my take on our culture and mind set. Australian workers, like any other nation, wants top dollar for their wages. They are reluctant to spend that money on good quality Australian grown and made products. We want cheaper products and if it comes from overseas we do not want to know about it. The problem is those jobs which grow and process the food are gradually being eroded. Our unemployment goes up and soon other jobs in other sectors are affected. We can and do grow our own meat, fruit, vegetables and can process our own food. We can also make our own clothes and household items but gradually those products are made offshore and we lose jobs.

Please Australians, support your own job by supporting Australian grown and made in Australia.

Saturday 10th December

Today was a Bowls Club Christmas Dinner and award presentation. About 50 people turned up for chicken and salad and of course social interaction which we do a lot of here. During the course of the meal I was surprised to receive an award for Most Improved Bowler – Male. Considering I just started a few months ago it is quite an honour.

Tonight I finished reading “Where Have A/ll the Bullets Gone” an biographical story by the zany Spike Milligan. Spike is one of the ever popular Goons. The book is one of several he wrote about his part in WWII and his adventures and misadventures and how he met musicians and comedians and other actors along the way. Often the read was hard going as his brand of humour is way out there and often needed to be thought about in order to understand. Others in his true life series was “Mussolinia: His Part in My Downfall”, “Monty: His Part in My Victory”, “Rommell: Gunner Who?” and “Adolf Hitler: My art in His Downfall”.

Sunday 11th December

Does anybody else have these kind of days?

I have a Scratchit Ticket to be umm err scratched.

I need a coin to scratch so go to the bedroom to find a coin.

I find the washing which I brought in earlier, left on the bed and still have not folded and put it away.

I start on matching the socks when I spy a Tea Towel and remember when putting the tea towel in the wash I forgot to replace it in the kitchen.

I go to the hall cupboard to get a fresh tea towel to take to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen I spy the Scratchit ticket and head to the bedroom once again to get a coin but the laptop goes DING! With a Facebook Messenger delivery but before I open the message I recall I am waiting on an email so check that first. While responding I recall the Facebook Message so quickly open that, read the message and start to reply when I recall I am still thirsty since an hour ago and was going to get a glass of water in the kitchen.

So I stop the Facebook message and go to the kitchen for a glass of water but there I spy the Scratchit which is still unscratched and recall I was headed to the bedroom for a coin.

In the bedroom I see the washing again and start folding those now sorted socks when I spy a hand towel and recall I did not replace the hand towel yesterday when I put a hand towel in the wash.

I go to the hall cupboard to get a hand towel and on my way to the kitchen spy the open laptop and recall the unfinished Facebook message. I complete the message and Facebook Dings once more with a new post from a friend. Eventually I see the hand towel on the table and wonder what it is doing there.

Ding! I was going to put it in the kitchen. As I do so see the tea pot is still unemptied from breakfast so empty it into the garden and back to the kitchen to rinse it and realise I still have not washed the dishes but at the same time spy the Scratchit and need a coin and head to the bedroom where I see the unfolded washing on the bed.


Where has my day gone?

Oh, I should mention that every morning  I ride the Bicycle over 20Klms along The Broadwater, over the Nerang River via the Southport Sunvale Bridge, through McIntosh Island Park over the Nerang River via the McIntosh Island Bridge to Main Beach and home again. Then I do my floor exercises. I am proude to advise with the exercise routine, interrupted a year ago, is now back in full swing. So is my low carbs and low sugar (Same things really) diet. I have lost 12 kilo’s but more importantly I have lost 10 centimetres of girth and can fit into most of my clothes again. I never thought I would be able to wear my jeans again but they fit nicely. Some of the clothes I bought while big around the belly will have to be donated to The salvation Army or St Vincent De Paul Society as they are continually sliding off my hips.

I still need to lose more weight and more girth.


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