518. Sunday 13th November 2016. USA shock election result, a summer storm and lawn bowls to round out the week…

Monday 7th November

What a mad day. Sometime between waking and breakfast Donnis decided we would pressure wash the house with our Gerni. First wash was with Sugar Soap which was followed by a clean water rinse. So much dust was cleaned off the house it was hard to believe it had become so dirty. Of course building the high rise units next door does generate airborne dust and dirt. Two sets of units have already been built and most sold and are occupied. The third building ground works commenced last week which means noise and dust for another seven or eight months. After that is completed there is another four blocks to be built.


Tuesday 8th November

Normally Donnis rides the pushbike to Southport Aquatic Centre for Aqua Training with her friend Betty. This morning Betty was unable to attend and the wind was so fearsome we thought it unwise for Donnis to ride on public roads. I drove her to the centre then continued on to The Spit just to watch whatever was happening out on the water.

Southport from The Spit.
Southport beyond Wavebreak Island.

I was interested to see if a group of kayakers, paddling against the wind would somehow make it to Wavebreak Island.

Brave kayak paddlers.

They did.

A large and powerful motor cruiser appeared to be carrying out sea trials and came awfully close to the rocks as it made turn after turn.

Large cruiser doing sea trials.

Wednesday 9th November

Woke at 5am with a feeling of apprehension. I could not put my finger on the cause of the apprehension. Then it dawned on me. Today is the beginning of what is likely to be months of after -shock when the results of the US Presidential elections are known. Depending on those results one candidate – if he loses- will question every aspect of every polling station and drag out the already obnoxious political point scoring he has been doing for months. The other candidate will get free reign to declare a no fly zone in Syria thereby escalating the cold war with Russia. Conversely if one candidate comes up Trumps then the rest of the world will look for ways for leaving this planet as he has no decency and is an outright chauvinistic bully. World leaders will not tolerate bullying.

Yep. That will be the reason for my disquiet. Either way the results will not be good.

I wrote those comments just after breakfast. Within 12 hours the worst fears of half the world and half the USA were fulfilled. Donald Trump is President Elect and Hillary Clinton declared defeat. $32 billion wiped off the Australian share market in 12 hours!

Saturday 12th November

In the afternoon a big storm blew through the Gold Coast. Strong winds, daylight turns to night, hail, rain, thunder and lightning. Oooh I love a good summer storm. As the storm hit we were installing a new ceiling fan and our friend Graham was in the ceiling with just a tiny LED torch to find his way around.

Sunday 13th November.

I keep recalling how I vowed, many times, to never take up Lawn Bowls. I broke that vow several months ago. Today most of the village players travelled to Musgrave Hill Bowls Club to play on a real grass court. It was a very hot day, somewhere about 36 degrees and high humidity a legacy of yesterday’s heavy rain After the bowls, which my team won, the best part of the day was a cold beer in the air conditioned club rooms.

Last week I mentioned how we were planning a holiday. That has now been set in concrete. We have booked and paid for a cruise of 14 days in February. Those three months will pass quickly.Really looking forward to the cruise.

Tomorrow night we plan on being at the Broadwater Parklands to watch the Super Moon rise.

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