508. Sunday 4th September. Busy at home and a Rugby League Grand Final…

Sunday 4th September …FATHERS DAY

Well it was a good start to the day when all three daughters called with Fathers Day and Birthday wishes.

This has been a week with our usual busy schedule of doing things we enjoy but not going exploring and taking photos. The plan is to change all of that in the coming weeks. Please stay with us on new adventures coming soon.

We did drive to Greenbank, a suburb of Brisbane to watch grandson Chris play in the Rugby League Grand Final in his Under 12’s Junior Competition.

This will be the last time I report on Chris games…This year.

There were more than the usual handful of spectators today which gave the event a little more atmosphere and a sense of it really being an important occasion.

040916 spectators
Spectators at the game. Well…one is concentrating on the game.

The players thought so too. By half time the scores were locked at 12 all so it was a game hanging on a knife edge.

040916 action
Yes Chris tackled this player cutting off a certain try.
040916 action1
Chris has the ball and running towards the try line.
040916 action2
and another
040916 action3
Gee its hot work out here. Gimme a rehydrating drink. When I was their age we got to share an orange between two boys!
040916 action4
I need rehydrating from the outside.

The opposition team had two tries disallowed in the second half. Chris’s team went on to win 20 – 12 which is basically two tries with one conversion. It could very well have been a draw at full time.

040916 score
The two teams shaking hands at the end of the game. The final score is on the scoreboard. Incidentally neither team was a home team. The game was held at a neutral field.
040916 cheers
This Under 12 boys team even has its own Junior Girls Cheer squad.
040916 handshake
Both teams shake hands after the game.

I was pleased to listen to both coaches who praised the other side and commented on the spirit of sportsmanship displayed by both sides. The game was hard, clean and fitting of a grand final.

040916 teams
A joingt team photo. A very nice sporting touch.
040916 winners
The coach gives a nice speech as the team captain holds up the trophy.
040916 iced
The poor coach spends ha;f a year training these boys and he gets paid by a bucket of icy water.
040916 mates
Best Mates Chris and Blake on his right.
040916 proud
A proud mum with Chris and the team trophy.

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