500. Sunday 10th July 2016. The Spit, Hastings Point and Cabarita…

Monday 4th July – Happy Independence Day USA.

Since I started this blog back in the early part of this century, I started writing each week as pages. In my Uneducated way I did dot realise I should have been publishing the weekly events as a Post. After a couple o

Wednesday 6th July

So far this has been a quiet week with some nice sunny days but quite chilly winds blowing from the west.

Snow has fallen in NSW.

Today I rugged up against the biting westerly wind and drove out to The Spit. I was here several weeks ago after an atmospheric low came blowing through the eastern seaboard. (see Post 495 Sunday 5th June) That low whipped up huge seas and lots of rain especially in the lower part of NSW. On my visit to The Spit there were crowds of people all wanting to see the huge seas especially as they crashed against the end of the sea wall and cascaded into the air above the light station.

050616 wave
This is how the seawall looks in wild seas.
060716 spit
This is how the end of the seawall looks when the seas are flat and there is nothing spectacular to watch.

Today with the strong chilly westerly, any surf which was around yesterday, disappeared overnight and the seawall and beach were virtually deserted.

060716 fish
Fishing boat navigating the Gold Coast Seaway. What is a pushbike doing on the cabin roof?

A few brave surfers in heavy duty wetsuits battled the cold just to be able to catch a powerless small wave.

060716 jetty
Sand pumping station at The Spit. Note the tiny surf.

Air temperature was about 18° with a wind chill factor making it feel like 12°. The water was the same temperature.

Oh, thank goodness for the comfort of i30.


Friday 8th July

Errol, Nicole and the grandchildren, Amelia and Hannah have driven from NSW to Hastings Point just over the border. They brought their pop up caravan and plan to stay for a week. I drove to visit them but the girls were reluctant to be dragged away from the caravan park kids club. We drove to Cabarita Beach (which I have written about several times) where we had a picnic lunch beside the sea. Afterwards we climbed Norries Point looking for whales followed a walk along then beach.

080716 cabarita
Norries point and the end of Cabarita Beach.
080716 errol
Errol and Amelia a safe distance from the cliff edge atop Norries Point.
080716 hannah
Hannah was a bit nervous about being closer to the edge.
080716 headland
Instead of using the handy staircase to descend we did it the hard way.

We drove back to the caravan park for kids club followed by Errol and the girls jumping into the heated pools and water slides.

080716 slide
Just a big kid.
080716 slide1
Nicole and Hannah are surprised when Errol uses the waterslide.
080716 slide 2
Enlarge the photo to see the unorthodox method Amelia uses at the end of the slide.

Not much to report this week. I have had a bad headache and sore neck the last week and do not feel very active.


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