Day: June 22, 2016

497. Sunday 19th June 2016.A quiet week with a long days drive into the night…

No photographs this week.

Monday 13th June

My cousin Bobby passed away on Saturday night. He had Pancreatic cancer. In this case, cancer is not a word, it is a sentence. I last spoke with Bobby on 13th April when he told me he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. He knew the reality of having only a limited time available to him. He decided not to have any form of treatment and to live and enjoy what time remains for him.

Two months is all that he had.


Vale Bobby.

Tuesday 14th June

I am still in pain from the Nasopalatine Duct Cyst surgery last Tuesday. The dissolvable sutures are still in place and the palate is badly swollen and it is quite painful to eat anything other than soft foods. Even chewing anything puts pressure on the teeth. I saw the surgeon today as I will be driving to Sydney for Bobby’s funeral and wanted to be sure there are no complications or infections before I leave. He gave me the thumbs up that all is progressing as it should, no infection and it could take three weeks for the swelling to disappear and for the sutures to dissolve.


Donnis is in Canada and visiting her mother (in a Calgary nursing home) almost daily. It is officially summer in Canada but some nights the temps get down to 5 degrees Celsius. Hmmm! Here it is officially winter and we think an overnight low of 14 degrees Celsius is frigid!

Wednesday 15th June

Bobby’s funeral will be on Monday 20th June in Newcastle NSW. I have planned to drive as far as Port Macquarie on Sunday then drive the remaining 3 hours to Newcastle on Monday morning. Good friends Tony and Dawn will meet me halfway so we can exchange keys. I will stay at their house and they will stay in ours and meet their son who is coming to the Gold Coast on Monday.

Sunday 19th June

Google maps declare the trip from my home to the home of Tony and Dawn in Port Macquarie is 499 Klms and would take 6 hours and 5 minutes. That calculation is obviously made using a constant average speed (75Klms per hour) and makes no allowance for road works (even on Sundays when no works are being carried out, lower speed limits still apply) fuel stops and meal breaks. In reality it took 7 hours 15 minutes. New South Wales Police cars were everywhere on the highway. Also their mobile speed cameras and fixed speed cameras are another encouragement to drive within the speed limit. Thank goodness for Cruise Control. Even so I saw many nut cases on the road, many with P Plates (maximum speed limits apply but exceeding any speed limit has severe penalties – if caught), passing in dangerous places and or vastly exceeding the speed limit. No wonder there are so many accidents on the road.

I arrived feeling very tired. Probably what helped to keep me awake and focussed on driving was the constant pain from the oral surgery last week.

Early to bed as I have another long day on the road tomorrow.