490. Welcome to the new look Frank & Donnis…

490. Welcome to the new look Frank & Donnis…

If you are a new reader and have stumbled across this blog via a Facebook page or by following a link or just surfing the web…WELCOME!

Our earlier Blog pages are on frankeeg.wordpress.com  and cover from 2002 to the end of April 2016. Please take the time to go back and have a look at our earlier writing and photographs during our travels.
If you are a regular reader and have come here via a re-direction notice…thank you for continuing with our journey. Having readers, especially those who comment make the weekly effort worthwhile.

The format of this new blog is a little different.

luna park
Luna Park on Sydney Harbour. It was opened in 1935 and had the logo “just for fun”. For the first few months this blog will be just for fun re-learning new ways to create the blog.

You and especially I, will need to explore as each week progresses.

I will try to continue the numbering system to maintain some continuity. As before, Sunday night is the target for when the blog is updated but as has been the case in recent months it could be the next day…Monday…or Tuesday…or even Wednesday. If you have our blog address in your favourites you will need to create a new favourite web page. The new address is frankeeg1wordpresscom.wordpress.com
Numbering system.
The last blog post was number 489. This post is 490 from the next post onwards the number will be 491 and continue consecutively as before.
A few weeks ago I asked regular readers to comment as to the direction this blog will take.
1. Create a new commercial site so advertising and videos can be included. There is an annual fee involved in the process. I found, when creating the new site, the advertised annual fee of $18 suddenly became $99 and as the amount quoted is in US dollars meant the cost to me would be about $115.
2.The option to create a new site and and continue with WordPress is my choice. It just means creating a whole new set of protocols and what options are turned on…or off.
Well, here I am at choice 2.

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